Gf Gets an Air Fryer

But not really?

December 2018, my life changed when I was gifted an instapot from my dad for Christmas. At first I didn’t really use it too often. My job at the time provided dinners 5 days a week so I didn’t do a lot of cooking. Then when I switched to teaching, I was very anxious of using the device with the power outlets in my Toronto living spaces. I legit thought something would explode or catch on fire.

When I moved to Ottawa, I waited quite a while before testing my instapot out here. But I did! And now I use the slow cooker function a lot!

Over the holidays, I took the leap and got myself the air fryer lid for the pot and now I am in LOVE!

I tested it out on some french fries and they turned out amazing!

Now the new lid doesn’t just work as an air fryer; it does lots of things!! And the base pot does a ton, too! Here are all the buttons I get to choose from

In other words, I don’t think I will need another kitchen appliance ever haha

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