Bloganuary Day 4

Let’s get some toys!

I really like how the prompts for the Bloganuary posts come around 7pm for me. It gives me time to mull it over, try to think of how I want to answer, and currently since today is my last day of not having to be in a classroom at 8:30am (aka winter break which was extended 2 days because of covid cases), I can write when I first wake up. Which is honestly when I love to write and probably why I stopped writing with any real purpose because my job changed and my mornings were taken up by “work” because I’m an “adult” and have “responsibilities”.

But what about when I was a kid? It’s been a while now, and honestly, I can’t really remember a favourite toy. I had lots of toys that I enjoyed very much, but I’m not sure there was ever just one that really stuck with me through many years or really helped to develop who I was as a person? Do books count as toys? haha!

I guess I did have quite a large Barbie collection. I had a little white suitcase that had maybe 5-10 different dolls in it plus lots of clothes! I think I had a Barbie house at one point too, but I am almost sure that my dad built it instead of actually buying it. My dad is cool like that 😉

I kept those Barbies until I was maybe 10? 11? And that summer I was at church camp, like ya do, and I said to my best friend “oh it’s lunch time! We can play after!” One of the cooler older girls who were like so over everything and got to wear makeup and pick out their own clothes was like “woow….you still play?” And that was it. I wasn’t allowed to play anymore I guess? After that, I took my suitcase over to a girl in my brother’s grade, a year older than me, and dropped it off and said “Here, I’m not a baby anymore you can have these”. And that was the end of my Barbie days. I guess my attitude started pretty young…

I also had lots of other popular toys for the time: easy bake oven, doodlebear, tamagochi, colour game boy, all the things that were the rage in the 90’s. But nothing really I can claim as like a “favourite” thing. Except for books. Even as an adult, I prefer to have books instead of other things. I’m even one of those weird people who don’t have games on their phone! Unless you count dating apps, and let me tell you, a lot of the guys are just playin’… Books are my jam and they have entertained me for my 3.5 decades of life! Well maybe not the one I’m reading right now, but that serves me right for trying to read a memoir of someone who was kidnapped while on winter break from being a special education teacher. My brain is just not ready for it haha!

What about you? What was your favourite toy as a child?

This post is part of Bloganuary and their daily promptsI will be trying to use their prompts every day, even if I already have a post scheduled. If you also want to join along with Bloganuary, click here.

8 thoughts on “Bloganuary Day 4

  1. My go to book for comfort re-reading as a kid was The Phantom Tollbooth. Once I got into chapter books I can’t think of another book that I’ve reread. There is just something so sweet about that book. I’m with you that books always won out vs. any toy. Even vs. Nintendo now that I think about it.

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