Bloganuary Day 3

Out of our comfort zones…

The last time I was out of my comfort zone was…honestly like yesterday. HA! The last six months have taken me out of my comfort zone almost every single day.

My new job takes me out of my comfort zone every single time a child in my class (or any other for that matter) has an outburst of emotion that they don’t know how to handle. At no point in my previous teaching experience did I have to have safety pads in my class to protect my body from children (Or their bodies from the furniture).

Moving to a new city put me out of my comfort zone. I have been here many times over the years visiting my brother but never lived here or had to find my way around by myself for just regular things.

Taking the bus in the middle of the fastest spreading variant during a pandemic puts me out of my comfort zone.

Trying to date in my mid-30’s (in a new city and during a pandemic) puts me out of my comfort zone. Although that has been paused since Halloween because guys are idiots and I didn’t have the mental space to date.

So basically at least one thing out of my day will put me out of my comfort zone – yesterday was doing a design on my nails I didn’t know if I could do and it was all freehand, as well as being honest with some feelings with an ex who I am still friends with.

This post is part of Bloganuary and their daily promptsI will be trying to use their prompts every day, even if I already have a post scheduled. If you also want to join along with Bloganuary, click here.

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