Sunday Scribblings #86

Aaron’s word of inspiration this week is introvert.

I have mostly always been an introvert. Social things take my energy and sometimes I really have to give myself enough time to work up the energy to go and do something. Honestly, it’s really to the point where the pandemic doesn’t really affect my life that much. Like I would much rather prefer to come home after a day’s work and just hang out by myself to recharge. Parties and bars and clubs and things like that have never really been my thing.

But it does have a downside. And that is, as an adult, I don’t really have a lot of friends. I have you lovely people of course, who I can answer when I want to, which is often. Online interactions have never really drained me. I quite enjoy texting over calls and prefer that mode of communication. But in the real world, to have someone to just call and hang out with, I find myself lacking. It could also be that I move around so often that it’s hard to make genuine connections with people that last. It’s also hard to see your friends if you met them in South Korea, but they live in South Africa or the US or England and you live in Canada. Or if they are in Toronto and you are in Ottawa. It’s hard.

It’s also hard to make new friends in places because I don’t really go out and do things that would allow me to make those new connections.

Honestly though, as sad as it might sound, I quite enjoy being the way that I am. And it doesn’t really bother me that much haha.

9 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #86

    • My brother has his core group of friends from high school, then a college group, and now a church group as well. I’m surprised at it! Haha I seem to have stopped making friends? But I do have really good work friends! And online friends of course ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Honestly making friends as an adult is HARD. Even when you make friends at a job, for example, its like are we only friends as long as we both have this job? Do we have enough in common outside this? And don’t get me started just on scheduling plans!

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    • Oh yes!!! From my last school I have 2 of the teachers that I am still very close with. We have a whatsapp group and chat all the time. Its so nice! And at this new school, I think I’m making good friends. But possibly just “at work” friends lol

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  3. I’m also an introvert and I understand how you feel. We’ve been living in Australia for three months and have not made friends because we love our house too much.

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  4. I’m an introvert as well. After 9 years of living here I am almost at the point where I could say I have a couple of local friends. But I do have good friends scattered around the country.

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