2022 Buzzfeed Predictions

I love this annual tradition!

Last year, Buzzfeed predicted that I’d be single, dating, and married in 2021. I did date, and am currently single. I did not get married. It also said I’d find my one true love in December. Well, I haven’t met anyone new in December so… It predicted I would move to France and visit Paris (nope to both), that I’d start a new job (YES I DID), I’d take up baking (I mean I did more because I moved but I wouldn’t say I took up it), I’d move to a new city (YES), I’d be rich and indie (no to both), I’d become a plant owner (I actually got a plant as a Christmas present), my year would be a success (I think so!), and my best year yet (with all my family drama and emotional meltdown this fall I’d say probably not).

Overall a general mix of right and wrong! Let’s see what Buzzfeed predicts for 2022. To find these quizzes, I used their app and typed in 2022 and just picked every single quiz I could find on December 28th. Then took them, emailed the results to my email, learned that it only emailed the links, and had to take the tests again on the 30th. As always, any links will open new windows so you can click the quiz and keep on reading the post haha. Here we go!

Romanic Life

I picked a bunch of Taylor Swift songs I didn’t know and found out I’ll be taken.

I picked my sun, moon, and rising sign (I just picked aries because I don’t know what the difference is) and found out that I will find love with someone I have already met. I then googled my proper sun/moon/rising sign and it said the same thing.

I designed my dream wedding and discovered I will be “taken bacon” lol the description says “it’s a couple years away but you’ll be in a loving relationship” as the quiz was posted in December of 2020.

I built an outfit of things I would never consider wearing and found out I’ll be dating my ex this year.

I designed a house and was told I’ll be single.

I created my own rom-com and was told I will be taken.

Everything Else

I got dressed for the holidays and was told my video content is going to go viral (so I guess I need to keep up the nail art videos haha )

Picked a show for every letter of the alphabet and was told that I will find my calling.

I picked some dessert and was told my new hobby will be knitting. Which I already know how to do lol

I picked some holiday foods and was told that I will keep all my new year’s resolutions (which are to join a gym and get my nose pierced and pay off more of my last student loan and to be happier lol)

Eating from a buffet revealed my 2022 travel spot to be Mmembe Island, Tanzania.

I picked Dreamworks characters and was told my resolution for the year is to start a new hobby.

I picked tarot cards and got “The Sun” card which means that “The past year has been one of personal growth and discovery (it really has). The Sun brings positivity, energy and excitement — indicating that 2022 is going to be a year filled with abundance and success. The Sun brings opportunity for you to connect with your higher power, so use it to propel yourself forward by taking on new opportunities and backing yourself in the New Year.”

I planned an Aussie Christmas and learned major changes are coming my way in 2022.

I decorated a Christmas tree and was told that 2022 will be full of adventure and new beginnings.

And finally, I took a personality test and was given this word for 2022: relaxing

So there ya have it! I will mostly be in a relationship (yay!) and the rest of my year is looking pretty good! Thanks for coming to this annual tradition where I put my life into Buzzfeed’s hands.

Did you take any of the quizzes above? What did Buzzfeed predict for you? Lemme know in the comments below 😉

10 thoughts on “2022 Buzzfeed Predictions

  1. What fun! I did a few of them and my word is transformative, my year will be one of soul searching and discovery, my video is going viral too and I’ve got strength. Not bad. I didn’t do the romantic ones. Thanks for sharing this!

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  2. I just took every single quiz because I’m bored and why not haha! The romantic ones were all very contradictory, but every other quiz told me I would have an adventurous and transformative 2022 with new opportunities ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

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