Nail Art: The Future

Oh yes! It’s a whole month of nail art stuff mwahahaha

On the 19th, it’s been a year since I started my Instagram page Tattooedgingernails for my nail art. I still post pictures to my regular account and then videos to my nail art account. A whole year!

I have made 53 posts in that time. It would be more but I didn’t put my advent calendar there. I was already posting it to Facebook and the blog and my personal Instagram account. I didn’t want to also have to post it to my nail art account. It has 41 followers but a lot of them are corporate accounts for things that look like scammer accounts.

I’m not sure what I expected from the account after a year of operation. Maybe a little bit more interaction with followers? I don’t have the time or the energy to post daily like the other nail accounts that I follow. Some of you lovely people have followed and watched the videos. I do post them here as well so that makes it easier for you to see and you don’t have to engage with the actual Instagram page.

But I’ve kind of reached a point of trying to decide if I should keep it going? If I want to post videos on my blog, I needed the nail Instagram account to do that. I will never post from my personal account because it has my name on it, and it’s also a private account so posting here would be pointless since you wouldn’t be able to see the videos anyways.

I do have all the supplies to keep the videos going. Sometimes it’s a process that I don’t really want to do. Like setting it up and making sure that I have everything recorded and then putting it together. It takes a solid chunk of time. And I’m trying to prioritize where my free time is going. I love doing my nails but those extra steps are a little bit too much sometimes. I guess if I really wanted to keep the videos going, I could post the compilation to youtube, which is a little bit better for longer videos anyways, and then link the youtube to the blog?

I had considered using Twitch to stream myself doing my nails and see if I could make some money off of it, but again, it’s that time aspect. And I’m not sure if I have the equipment to do it. I was given a ring light for Christmas which will help in any of the types of videos: youtube, Instagram, or twitch.

As I slowly roll into January, and I am starting to open my life back up to having plans other than work and home, I am really considering the value of activities on my time. I really burnt out in the fall and was in a place I didn’t like for a while. It took a lot of mental energy to get myself out of it and to get back to a place where I feel stable and happy. And moving forward, I’m very conscious about not getting back into that place.

So I’m not really sure what nail art posts will look like on the blog after today…gotta wait and figure it all out.

4 thoughts on “Nail Art: The Future

    • Ummmm its a vi****** idk? Haha I’ll blog about it on Thursday and include the rest of the letters after v and i but I cant remember them right now. Left the box at my parents cos it came witg a carrying case which was easier on the train

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