Nail Art: Advent Collection

Let’s take a look at everything all in one place!

Okies so a breakdown of the picture above, follow the rows from left to right:

Day 1: Base Coat
Day 2: No Wipe Topcoat (no wipe is now all the rage)
Day 3: Mini bottle of polish
Day 4: An ombre brush (quite possibly my favourite thing out of the whole calendar)
Day 5-9: Mini bottles of polish
Day 10: Application brush (at first I was like ok, random, but I can use it for my poly gel, but then it connects to day 23)
Day 11: Gold foil transfer
Day 12-13: Mini bottles of polish
Day 14: Silver foil transfer
Day 15: Cuticle Oil (another exciting item)
Day 16: White Gel Liner (gel polish but with a SUPER thin brush for detailing)
Day 17-21: Mini bottles of polish
Day 22: Black Gel Liner (same as day 16 but black)
Day 23: Gel builder (to build fake nails! Which is why they gave you an application brush on day 10! super exciting because I’ve wanted to try this, also it’s apparently a brand new colour to the company)
Day 24: Foil Gel (needed to apply day 11 and day 14)
Day 25: Mini lamp (needed for all the products to cure)
Day 26: A pair of wooden dice for the board game that came in the box which looks kind of lame so I will not play it haha

Now since all the videos took up a LOT of space, I’m just gonna go and delete all my posts from the advent calendar and just have this one post. And of course, I will post some videos about how the products look once I have opened and used them all. Look for those in the very near future.

I knew in advance there would be a lot of mini bottles of polish since the description said that there would be 14. But for some reason as I was opening the days, it felt like so many bottles of polish! And yes, I understand that it’s cool because they are limited edition colours which are only in the advent calendar, but they aren’t really “Christmas” colours which I was expecting.

I LOVED that I got an ombre brush. I have wanted one for years but just never got around to buying one for myself. And to know that I have a professional quality one is the best. I like it also came with an application brush. I can use it for the builder gel they included but then also I can use it for the poly gel that I currently use. I think using the builder gel would make my fake nails thinner but I also think that I have to cure each nail before building out the next one so it would add a lot of time to the manicure? I’m not sure. I’ll have to investigate. I also really like that I got foil gel and some foils. I’ve wanted to try them as well for quite a bit, but never went out and bought the supplies needed in order to use them.

Now that I am home from my holidays, I will unpack the items once more and try to incorporate them into my current collection. I know for sure that I will be getting rid of the lamp. I already have a full-sized one which is much better than the mini lamp so having the mini lamp in the calendar was useless to me. I really do like that the company included everything you will need to use the products in the calendar so if it was a complete beginner getting the calendar, they wouldn’t need to get anything else. That was really awesome of them. But when I ordered I was sent a free mini lamp as a gift so now I have two haha. Which need to be either gifted out or sold. Most likely sold LOL

All in all, I think that the price is totally justifiable for the calendar and I am really glad that I splurged and got it this year!

Sorry if you go back and try to find the unboxing posts, but I will have taken them all down by the time this post is scheduled.

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