Sunday Scribblings #85

Aaron’s word of inspiration this week is candy cane.

At Christmas, there are TONS of candy canes, and TONS of candy cane flavoured things and activities. But let me tell you something shocking:





There I said it. And I will not take it back or have any regrets about it.

Here’s the thing, with actual candy canes, I like maybe one or two seconds of them, but then after sucking on them for a while, they get to that sharp point and cut me or they have a sharp edge and slice my tongue. It’s not fun.

And “candy cane” flavouring or peppermint flavoured things usually taste like soap. Um, ew, no thank you. Except for a white peppermint mocha from Starbucks. I LOVE THEM!

Of course, since it’s the holidays, these types of things are EVERYWHERE. I put candy canes on all my student gifts, so I have 2 extra candy canes leftover. THEN my principal gave us all this cute little snowman of hot chocolate fixings and the top of it has a bunch of mini candy canes in it, and THEN at work, they had a candy cane gram thing where you paid a dollar and could send a candy cane reindeer to people. Sooooo I got 4 of them (8 candy canes), which is really sweet and cute and I loved reading the little messages, and when Santa went to give me one he asked if I had been good and I said yes (obviously) and he winked at me and said he didn’t believe me but I was allowed to have my candy cane gram anyway so like was Santa flirting just a little bit???? But now I have all those candy canes. What am I gonna do with them?! Nothing haha. I will do nothing with them and they will sit in my cupboard until I decide to throw them out.

How do you feel about candy canes? Any suggestions on how to use up the like 10 big and I don’t even know how many small candy canes I have?

7 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #85

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