GF goes to Costco

For the very first time!

A few weeks ago, I was telling my brother that with my health benefits at work, I get a bigger discount if I get my prescriptions filled at Costco. He was all “well ya know I just got a membership so if you want a referral let me know”

But I already knew that I didn’t have to have a membership to use the pharmacy there. I still called anyway and the pharmacist confirmed that I was correct. I also learned that if I don’t have a membership, I can still go in and buy gift cards for people. AND I can spend gift cards there too. So theoretically, I could go in, buy a gift card, and then go back and use it MWAHAHAHAHA.

Then last weekend, I was busy cleaning my house and once I was done, I sat down with a snacky snack and checked my phone. There was a message from my brother asking if I wanted to go out shopping with him since he was in the area, or if I just wanted to go to Costco. And that was a huge YES!

He picked me up and he just literally wanted to walk around. Every time he had been with his friends before getting his membership, it was for an actual errand and my brother hadn’t really had the chance to just walk around. So we did.

Of course, I had never been and was super excited. A few friends in Toronto said that I NEEDED to try their food court but I moved before we were able to go that together. I didn’t plan on buying anything but of course Costco gets ya!

I saw the jumbo muffins and I was like YAASSSS! I love the jumbo muffins! And then I saw the small packs of hummus. Which I love too. So I grabbed one of each. But then, as we were shopping a lady stopped me and was like “the muffins are $7.99 for TWO, they will send you back to get a second package” so I thanked her for the tip and quickly left my brother to grab a second pack. I didn’t NEED all those muffins. 6 were going to be too much! I cut them all in half and put them right into my freezer. I will have them for work snacks. I also took half of each flavour (blueberry and chocolate) on the train for a train snack while travelling to my parents’ house for the holidays. But now instead of having 12 halves, I have 24….so it’s gonna be a while before I am finished eating these muffins haha.

The hummus is just so cute! I used to each it all the time when I was a nanny to the toddler. He loved hummus. But only with goldfish crackers. And I have to say, that combo is very very tasty. If you haven’t tried it, try it. You’ll thank me! I will be a grown-up though and use the hummus for veggies haha!

First successful trip to Costco done! WOO! Now to just switch over my prescriptions.

6 thoughts on “GF goes to Costco

  1. We go to Costco for a few things and always end up getting more because they have such interesting things. Sometimes it is frustrating though because they don’t always carry the same items. Right now I am getting my Keto bread there, 4 loaves at a time, and then I freeze it. We went more often when the kids were little because most of the packages are so big. Was your store offering free samples? Some people go just to get a free lunch but they stopped doing that during Covid of course. Ours just recently started giving out samples again.

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    • Oooo yes they were offering samples of things!! I didn’t even consider that they would have stopped that for the pandemic! It’s a great place for large quantities of things but as a single person with limited storage, I can’t justify it haha

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  2. Thanks for the Goldfish tip. Since I’ve recently got into liking hummus, I will for sure be trying this new combo. Does it matter what kind of Goldfish? I only get the parmesan flavored ones.

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  3. We have Costco here now, but I don’t have a membership. Surprised you could buy because we can’t without a membership (even if we are with someone who does). We also don’t have a pharmacy as part of the store. There isn’t a food court either, just a counter on the leaving side of the checkouts which sells some fast food stuffs. I’ve been there twice with friends.

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