Sunday Scribblings #84

Aaron‘s word of inspiration this week is oatmeal.

Okies, I need a solid opinion here:

How do you feel about oatmeal cookies?

Because I made cookies a few weeks ago and was super excited about them and I shared pictures of them and then I got called a psychopath because they were oatmeal. LIKE EXCUSE ME!

My brother and my hype girl both said they were gross.

But then I took them to work and my EA and former EA both were like “um those are my favourite so were are mine?!” So I brought them each a nice baggie full.

So let me hear it! Do you like oatmeal raisin cookies? Or am I a psychopath?

11 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #84

  1. My dad used to make amazing oatmeal cookies. They were soft and perfectly chewy and slightly crisp on the edges. No raisins… just oatmeal and whatever he used to sweeten them. I want to say there was cinnamon and nutmeg involved, but I really have no clue. I wish I had his recipe because now that I’m thinking about them I’m hungry for them.

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