My neck, my back…

my back GIF by Wendy Williams

Alright y’all, my journey with the chiropractor continues!!

As if it would ever end HAHA

So let’s catch up: I moved and when the stress settled I could barely walk. Started going to my brother’s chiropractor in AUGUST and still go to make sure everything is good.

Well, when I went 3 weeks ago, I asked if I could start doing yoga and he said yes. I asked if I could push appointments to three weeks apart, and he said we could try but just be careful. So I booked for two weeks (last week) as normal and then when I went the appointment went really well! Things were holding, I had a few tense muscles but that was about it!

My appointment was on Thursday, I did yoga Saturday/Sunday, Tues/Wednesday, Sunday/Monday. The same very easy routine from the Youtube account I usually do my yoga from. It’s 20 minutes long and just a very nice introduction:

Since the holidays are coming up, I didn’t want to go a full month without an appointment just in case, so I have one on Thursday and then in 2.5 weeks which will put me back on Tuesday appointments which I like a lot better than Thursday. And since the appointment went so well, I have started to change up the videos I’m watching and the amount of exercise I am doing, and getting a little bit more out of it and working my muscles a little bit more.

But does anyone else have pain when doing poses on their back? My hip points seem to be made of spikes at that moment and if I have to lay flat on my back it’s a bit uncomfortable and then to lift my knees or legs up means a LOT of pain. It’s something that I will be asking my chiropractor about when I see him this week. He also does yoga so I hope he has some answers for me. I’m hoping to get to a place where I can do the January yoga challenge and be ok! And it looks like I will be able to if I don’t hurt anything over the next few weeks!

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