This Time Next Year

What better way to celebrate posting 65 days in a row than to fulfill a tagged post by Bill?

Apparently, this post comes with rules, and I’m not really a fan of the rules so if you want to read them, I suggest you check out Bill’s post. I will do a few though, just because how could I not with this type of post?

First of all, I would really love to thank Bill for the tag. Bill, you always surprise me with the constant support each week in your round-up post and this is just more appreciation that warms my icy Canadian heart.

Now onto my goals for the next year…I’m not really one who likes to think that far ahead. I never had the stability or really happiness to plan that far ahead for most of my adult life. This is just something that I’ve realized over the last month or so of stability after my burn out but it’s starting to really hit me that this is the first time that I’ve ever been stable and so happy in my life and job. So as much as I haven’t really focused on the future too much as I have been adjusting to the present, I guess I could think of a few things that I’d like to happen this year.

First of all, I would love to have the last of my student debt paid off. I know this is a long shot, but I am hoping that after saving enough money to not have to work this summer, and then actually working this summer, I will be able to make some serious payments into my last student loan. I also hope that I will have a retirement savings plan started up. This is the first goal after I have my summer monies saved. Which should be in about a month depending on how much I spend over the holidays. Once I hit my magic summer expense number, I can start splitting that massive savings amount in half and putting half into retirement and the rest into savings/loan repayment. So far it’s all been going into savings to make sure I’m ok for the summer. Who knows what state of covid-life we will be in by then…

I would love to have explored more of Ottawa, especially as the weather warms up. I’d like to have reached a level of contentment in my faith struggles. I’d like to be in a relationship and planning for the future. These are all things that I’m not sure I can call goals, but more like wishes?

This time next year I’ll be 35 and that is kind of bothering me right now. I hope to get over that. My age has never really bothered me before, but as I’m getting closer to 35 it has been. Not married, no kids, these things tend to have a definite number with them as women. Especially having kids. But it’s all in God’s hands so I try not to stress too much about it.

And I guess that’s really as far as my brain will let me think about right now. Of course, there will be the usual things that everyone experiences every year like weddings, deaths, babies and friendships. I plan to be staying at my current job for next year. Honestly, I have never gotten this far into a new job (four months) and still love it as much as when I started so this sense of stability and happiness is very new to me. I’m hoping that as my life carries on into the next calendar year, I really learn to embrace those feelings and let them settle deeply into my own mind.

Thanks again Bill for the opportunity to take the moment of reflection and pondering about what the next year will bring into my life!

Anyone want to share their own goals? Feel free to drop them into the comment section below or make your own post. The official rules can be found on Bill’s blog by clicking the link at the top of this post 😉

3 thoughts on “This Time Next Year

  1. I’m about ready to start making my vision cards for next year. I will probably keep the same key focus areas, our house, prosperity, self-care, my crafty life, travel/adventure and relationships. Good luck on your goals! Glad you are happy in your work and home. That is so important.

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