Nail Art: 2021 Holidays 1

Will only have time for maybe 2 holiday nails this year…

I was sick this weekend thanks to the germ monsters I work with (and whom I love dearly until they get me sick) so I didn’t think I’d have the energy for a full file/fill/design.

I set out yesterday morning with just the goal of filing down the massively long nails that I had and to just fill the back. I got there and took a break for lunch and decided I had the energy for my design! YAY

Here is one of the inspiration pictures I used. I had about 3 I was looking at but all were basically the same just different colours and things.

I liked this one because it has the strings attaching the tree to the car.

I planned to do the car on my right accent finger, which meant that I would be drawing with my left hand, because I am left handed. I thought the car would be really difficult to do so I planned to just do one and then on the other hand just do a few trees standing.

I was just putting my hand into the light to cure after getting the car perfect and my camera app closed. It will do this if it hasn’t been running for a while. So I immediately thought I hadn’t filmed the car! Which was SO SAD! Because it was so cute. I did a quick look in the videos and it didn’t seem like the video was there! I finished the details of the car and filmed those but then I decided to do a car on the other side to film how I did it. It turned out really nicely so I cured it and kept it!!

I had to use stamping polish for the trunk of the tree instead of gel polish but its quick drying and in the end made it look so good!

I am IN LOVE with these nails!!! Here is the finished design

And here is the video so you can recreate them at home! If you work quickly, it could easily be done with regular polish!

It feels really weird to have such short nails again. Even though they were only growing out for three weeks, they were so much longer than I am used to. But I’ll adjust to the short ones again haha.

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