Sunday Scribblings #82

Aaron’s word of inspiration today is bathtub.

When I was younger, I used to LOVE taking baths. Like having to take a shower was just not going to happen. And I’m talking up until I was like 16? 17? All I wanted was baths. And it had to be JUST perfect.

This is how my younger self would bathe:

Turn on water AS HOT AS IT COULD GO and fill the tub. While it was filling, get 2 clean towels: One for my body and one for my hair. Wrap my body with that towel, carry the hair towel and go to the bathroom.

Make sure the fan was on because a few times the steam coming from the bathroom set off the smoke detector in the hallway.

Inside, SLOWLY get into the tub of probably burning hot water. It’s easiest to do this when there’s just a little bit of water and then heat it up when you’re inside so your skin gets used to it.

Lay in the tub until it’s cooler, read, wash, and then get out with your skin being BRIGHT RED because it was so hot in there.

Towel around the body and hair, and drain the tub.

Towels go into the laundry because they can only be used once.

Now, I kind of hate the bathtub. Like I would looovvvveee a nice relaxing soak once in a while but since 2010 I haven’t lived in a place with a bathtub to use. It’s either been in a place with only a shower (or in the case of living in South Korea, just a shower head connected to the sink in the bathroom), or if there were tubs available like in my last two places in Toronto, they were DISGUSTING and I would NEVER take a bath in there unless it was full of hot bleach and I don’t really think that’s a really nice way to die. So no thank you.

My problem with clean bathtubs now is that they are too small for my plus sized body. I can sit in them but my body basically takes up all available space and there is no room for water around it. If I pull my legs out of the tub, or sit with them holded up, there is enough room but then my legs are cold so what’s the point? It’s not enjoyable at all.

And no, I am not one of those people who will shower before a bath. If you’re that dirty, maybe just have a shower instead of wasting the water? I don’t view it as sitting in my own filth or whatever. Seriosuly, how are you getting so dirty that that’s an issue?

10 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #82

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  2. I definitely am one of those “shower before a bath” people. I don’t necessarily think it’s because I’m THAT dirty. It’s probably just a psychological thing. No… it is definitely just a psychological thing. But I don’t like getting into swimming pools or hot tubs, either. I don’t even like being in a lake. Pretty much any standing water freaks me out. Don’t even get me started on what’s in the ocean.

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    • Haha I read your post after doing mine 😅 the standing water thing is interesting 🤔 but I know people who will definitely do what you said, take a shower/bath/shower because of “dirty water” like whats the point of that?

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  3. I’m not a bath person. We’ve lived in houses with a bathtub for the last 20 years and I think I’ve had zero baths, lol. For a start it uses far too much water and secondly who has the time?

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