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For students with exceptionalities

So…it has finally happened! I had to teach online from home yesterday.

Last Monday, when I went to school, we were told that the oldest class was going to be going online the next day. The teacher and the EA were sick so the teacher would teach from home that day to the students in the class, but then they would be online for the rest of the week.

Tuesday, a student from my class was dropped off for before school care, we didn’t grab their temp (a mistake on our part) and by 8:50 when they were in class, their EA said their breathing sounded off and that they were hot. We took their temp which was 37.5 on the forehead and 38.0 on the wrist and we sent them home. Our class was fogged, and every other room they were in that day. They had a covid test and was negative.

Wednesday another student went home but that wasn’t something to get covid tested for. They had to anyway just because they were sent home but it was all good. On Wednesday, my class had 4 students all day instead of 8. And the middle class had 3 instead of 8.

Tuesday I felt HORRIBLE! It actually started Monday at second recess. Just a very queasy feeling in my stomach and a little exhausted. Tuesday it was worse! Wednesday it was good, and then Thursday it felt like I could BARELY stand on my own two feet without crumpling to the ground from being overtired.

My EA was also sick and went home at noon on Thursday since their afternoon learner was at home. I promised to do her after-school supervision with another EA since they needed two bodies. I had sibling dinner that night anyway and was not getting picked up until 4:30 (it was actually 5 but my brother ran late and it was 5:20!) The principal saw me at lunch photocopying and asked how I was and I said fine and she said “are you sure” and I said no. She gave me the option of taking Friday off but I needed to teach from home. I said I’d think about it and get back to her.

20 minutes later I was in her office accepting it. I took my prep period to get the kid’s things ready and pack my bag full of all the instructional manuals that I would need to teach on Friday. Thankfully since my brother was already coming to get me and had already agreed to take me to the library, I just asked if he minded dropping me off at home after to die instead of having dinner. I wasn’t able to eat that day anyway. He said sure. I got some details on the wedding and engagement and he dropped me at home to sleep.

Friday I only expected 3 students. I knew for sure 2 wouldn’t come. And then 2 more parents said their child doesn’t do well with online so don’t expect them there. And the student from Tuesday’s parents hadn’t sent any communication at all so they were a wild card.

I ended with 5 in the morning! Which is just one less than my normal class! One usually had an EA so their parent would show up every so often whisper good job listening and pop a little candy in their mouth (edible reinforcement is their program at work too) but after a break for independent work and nutrition break, the student legit wouldn’t answer anymore and just said “I’m outta here!” and walked away. I told the mom it was 100% fine and thanked her so much for her assistance that morning. They had to log out 20 minutes later anyway to make it to their afternoon sessions so just let them go. HAHA

In the afternoon I had 4 and they were INSANE! For art I just turned on some nice music and we coloured haha and then for the last period we read a book and they were ok during the story but once I started asking questions about it they were gone. Like planes with no engines over water, it was just a matter of time until they crashed. I let them all go about 5-10 minutes earlier than normal and thanked the adults who had sat with their children ALL DAY helping them with their work.

Teaching them online was EXHAUSTING! Oh my gosh. But I slept well to make up for it. Fitbit says I was asleep 9hours and 19 minutes haha! Falling asleep at 9:30 and waking at 7:45.

I hope to just be able to get my nails changed tomorrow and that’s it. I should have done them last weekend but didn’t. If all I do this weekend is get them shortened and filled with a plain topcoat, then so be it! But they are too long for me and need to be fixed. For today, I’m going to take my temperature again and pray that my symptoms hold nicely to not have to book a covid test.

2 thoughts on “Online Teaching

  1. Aw, (((hugs))), T. Sounds like the first non-covid kid passed on some other particularly nasty germ instead. At least it wasn’t covid! Hope you are feeling better now and can teach face to face next time.

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    • Definitely feeling better! My appetite is back and I’m not feeling quite so tired haha hopefully one more day kicks whatever is left over in my system lol

      And that first kid probably did. They never keep their mask up and their fingers are ALWAYS in their mouth. I’m pretty good at being “mask up! Go sanitize” but its impossible to do it every time

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