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Yes my dearest peeps and meeps, my brother and his fiancee have already set the date!

They were engaged on Saturday, announced to family Sunday and to Facebook on Monday. Wednesday before lunch I had an email in my inbox with the date!

March, 20th, 2022

You did not read that incorrectly, in less than 4 months my brother will be married.

It’s on a Sunday at 3pm at a bakery in a small town outside of Ottawa. I think maybe close to where she grew up? It honestly could be her mother’s bakery.

I asked if I had to calm down my dreams of being best man/groomsman and I was told they would not be having traditional bridal parties. They will be having a witness each and that’s it. SO my brother is asking his VERY close friend who lives in Halifax to be his witness, so if he can come then he is the witness.

Of course, every single person I told was like “is she pregnant?!” And I almost asked my brother myself until I remembered who my brother is and how that is very much not even close to a possibility. But I’m sure everyone will be thinking it. But they are 36 and are both waiting for marriage and I understand the rush to get married. She also wants like 3-4 kids and at 40 will be getting a hysterectomy due to family ovarian cancer history.

I have already rented a car for the weekend and I also discovered it is the very last day of my Spring Break. So I have the whole week before to help them if they need it. But since it’s on a Sunday, I will have to work the next day and it is not a possibility to take that day off work. As a teacher of a school with zero supply teachers, we have to keep our holidays to the actual holiday schedule.

So yes. There’s the news guys…

11 thoughts on “STD

  1. This was not the direction I thought this post was going with the title STD. I guess I’ve been working in public health too long. That is a very quick turn around and I’m sorry you won’t be the best man. That stinks.

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  2. They ARE powering into this aren’t they? But as you said, they both want the same things, so it’s understandable… getting married in a bakery sounds kinds weird/cute… I look forward to more details as they unfold (I love weddings) x

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    • Its her moms old bakery. It got passed to a cousin and its closed Sun/Mon so thats why its on a Sunday. The food is taken care of. One of the finacee’s bible college friends is an ordained minister so he will do the service. Another friend is a professional photographer and is gifting the photography services. Shes basically had her entire wedding planned for years apparently

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  3. I guess I don’t think it’s that fast, but I met The Hub and 12 months later we were married… when you know, you know. (Hope we get a photo of the dress, and YAY it has to go in!).

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    • Haha honestly I fully expect to meet the one and be married by 6 months. But I also have years of experience of figuring out what I want. And I dont have my parnter (her) deciding at 3 months she “no longer can force myself to find you attractive” and then just disappearing for 11 months without another word. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ but once I realized they were together again for 6 months when they got engaged (BARELY) I started to be more ok lol

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