I hate this!

And other things I tell myself while doing yoga.

For those long-time readers with good memories about all the chaos that has been happening in my life lately, in August I really hurt my back. Or should I say, a back injury surfaced in August.

After I moved and got all my furniture ordered and set up, my back decided it wasn’t happy. I was able to get into my brother’s chiropractor a few days after I first called, and then it’s just been a constant in my life ever since. I think I have gone to see him more times in the last four months than I have seen any other chiropractor in the last 6 years.

It started off as once a week, and then twice a week for a bit, then back down to once a week, and now we have been doing every other week for about 4 weeks now.

What was wrong was that my left hip was sitting and stable at about 2 inches higher than it was supposed to be. This had been there long enough to allow the muscles and ligaments in my back to adjust and support it. I’m not sure why it decided in August to become painful and inflamed, possibly because I was in a safe place and not super stressed anymore and my body decided to relax? I have no idea. But the road to recovery has been a long, and somewhat expensive, one. So far I’ve spent about $700, although the first 6 weeks were covered by my benefits from my first job. And as I have now passed my 3-month probation at work I will be getting more benefits set up! But it will only cover 80% up to $300 per year haha.

When I went to my regular appointment on Thursday, I asked the chiropractor if we could push the appointments to every 3 weeks. My back has been holding really well lately and it’s something I’d like to try. He said we could but to be mindful of the holidays. I am booked in for December 9th but that would mean 4 weeks before my next appointment just based on me being out of town and his time off. So I might push it the 3 weeks anyway.

But what does this have to do with yoga you ask?!

Well on Thursday I also asked him if I could start doing yoga again!! AND HE SAID YES!

So this weekend I did two 20-minute yoga practices. The same one just once on Saturday and once on Sunday. After the first time on Saturday, I felt so good. My body felt good and my spirit felt good! Monday was a rest day and I picked it back up Tuesday and Wednesday. Today is another rest day, and also it’s sibling dinner night with my brother so YAY!

My back seems a little twingy but honestly, it’s better after the second practice. I am supporting it while lounging on my sofa and picked this specific youtube video because I know it and it is a very easy beginner video. Hopefully I will be fit enough to do the 30-day Yoga challenge in January that I like to do with my BFF.

And ya know what? I still hate downward dogs LOL I haven’t done any yoga since last Christmas break, so there were a lot of “ugh this sucks” and “oh my gosh stop talking so we can switch poses” and “ewww I need to repaint my toe nails” and “how on earth did my feet get so dusty?!” but overall I loved it. And I’m happy that I now get to add a little bit of something that I enjoy back into my life.

5 thoughts on “I hate this!

  1. Moving our bodies is so good right? Sorry to hear of your injury: a good physio will help you adjust those muscles & ligaments too, not just the bones which have shifted… spoken like a long term Pilates instructor ✅

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