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  1. Twitch is popular with gamers who want to stream themselves playing video games, as well as tabletop roleplaying gamers who want to stream their campaigns in a similar way that the show Critical Role does (they have a channel on Twitch as well). But it has grown to encompass other interests not necessarily related to gaming. For example, Mystery Science Theater 3000 has a channel, as does RiffTrax, both dedicated to riffing on bad movies. Users of Twitch can subscribe to a channel either through Amazon Prime or by paying a subscription fee. That way they can support the channels they like and also often gain access to subscriber-only content. Users can also gift a subscription, and sometimes the runners of a channel will do this during one of their streams if they see new users, in order to encourage them to return again for future streams.

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  2. Yes it is a streaming site. My kids use it and my son has suggested that I use it and stream when I am in the craft room making things. Apparently people can watch you and “subscribe” to you or send you money if they like what you are doing. One that my son followed was a guy who would sell boxes of baseball cards and then open them up on camera. Some other ones play video games and you just watch them play the video games. That seems kind of boring to me but if somebody wants to pay to watch me scrapbook, or scrapbook along with me, I”m for that! LOL. Both of the older kids have met and made friends through twitch.

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