She Said Yes

And now it’s official.

Well not like social media official yet, but my brother is officially engaged.

He sent a text Sunday morning around 10:30ish asking if I wanted to “get lunch after we finish church” but I am taking my weekends right now to just recharge and relax. And I told him so. He called around 12:30 to say that they were engaged. I liked the phone call better than having to sit through lunch with them. Right now, having to use that much emotional energy is just daunting.

But I gave my congratulations over the phone, and I hope that they came across as sincere. I know he is very happy with his choice of future wife and I know they will make a good couple. And I have come to the realization that if I want to be part of my brother’s life in a way that keeps us as close as we have been for our entire adult lives, that I have to basically fake it. There really isn’t anything wrong with his fiancee, I just don’t like spending time with her. I am hoping that those emotions will change as time goes on.

I am very very happy for him though. I like seeing him so happy! And he deserves to be happy. It’s a very strange place to be in to be really happy for him but also not really excited about her? Did anyone else feel this when their sibling got engaged or married?

All I know is that as soon as they announce it on facebook, which they will because they are those annoying types of people who put everything on facebook (or she is at least), then #tforbestman will be born!! He better ask me, or at least to be a groomsman or I will be ANGRY. But I have also come to the point of acceptance that if he doesn’t but she does, I would say yes even though I’d hate it haha. So that’s personal growth! lol YAY

I know that sounds really horrible but please, dearest readers, do believe that I am very happy for him. 🙂

10 thoughts on “She Said Yes

  1. It’s a sign of emotional maturity that we learn to hold two opposing feelings at the same time: happiness for him/not enjoying spending time with her. It’s a bummer T, but perhaps in time she will grow on you… and perhaps she won’t, but you will be a good sister, & your brother will appreciate your efforts. I know you can do it, love G 😎

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  2. I know he’s traditional, so being included in the wedding party will show they care, not where you stand. One day I’ll tell you about my family (speaking from experience here, lol)

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