December is Near!

And I am very excited!

December 1st is going to be a great day in the life of T.

Maybe the most exciting part is that I get to start opening my Madam Glam Advent Calendar! Which I discovered when getting the link for this post is on sale for Black Friday which the website has extended so it’s only $129.99 right now if you’re wanting to get it. I know that I could have started opening it earlier and done a nice unboxing thing for it, but I like the idea of having something fun to do after work each day! And it means that for sure, 100% I will have something to post each day until at least December 25th.

On November 30th, I am staying late after school and changing out the bulletin board in my class. Right now it is decorated with a tree and leaves and some pumpkins, but I am going to change it out for some holiday cheer. The EA in my class drew and painted a big holiday tree with lights and glitter and a start on the top. And since the character education trait for December is kindness, she also made a bunch of ornaments for the tree which we can write kind things we see the students doing and when they happen, we put them onto the tree. I have a snowman as well which my principal had in her office (she has 40 years worth of bulletin board decorations in there!) and got white tissue paper to create a snowy bottom. In art this past week, the students also made gingerbread men. They cut out the shape and then decorated it. They will be put onto the bulletin board as well. They will be SO cute and I can’t wait for the kids to see it on the 1st.

On December 1st, and for the whole month, all transit is free. Ottawa transit honestly SUCKS. Like really really sucks. It’s never on time, busses just don’t show up. It was like that in Toronto too but never to this degree. It really is horrible. But this has nothing to do with that. The city of Ottawa put in a light rail system. And it took forever to get it up and running. Then it kept breaking down. And over the summer a train actually fell off the track!! Like WHAT! And the light rail system wasn’t running from August to mid-November. It was a huge controversy here. Since the light rail wasn’t working, then they had to pull busses off the regular routes to make shuttles for the service, which made the regular routes even less reliable. It’s just been a huge hot mess! Anyway, as an apology and whatnot, all transit is free for the month of December. Which is awesome because of the holidays and that’s an extra $123 in my pocket that I can use in other places haha.

The cold weather has hit and as soon as I finish charging my phone I have to go out in the “feels like -15” weather to get groceries but that’s ok. I will survive! I will have yoga pants on under my jeans haha. But on the 1st, it’s supposed to be 3 degrees! Now sure about the “feels like” temperature, but my weather app says it’s supposed to rain and snow that day. So who knows haha.

Also in December I get to go home and see my dog for the first time in 16 months. He will be 15 in January so almost every time I see him could be the last and I can not wait to just lay on the floor and snuggle up with him and get annoyed with him trying to constantly lick my face.

I’ll get to post my annual “Buzzfeed Predicts My Life” post right before New Years. Thinking back, I am pretty sure some of their predictions came true this year! YAY! How exciting haha.

I am excited for December! Are you? Lemme know in the comments below.

13 thoughts on “December is Near!

  1. With the crazy end of school year and summer holidays and everything the slide from now until Christmas is rather hectic, but I *love* Christmas, so I am rather excited we’re in December. I think I’ll be happier once we are passed mid-Dec though, when things are really over.

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