Knotty Knickers – the Replacements

The replacements for my November shipment arrived


Okies, so before I get into a very therapeutic rant about this stupid company, let’s backtrack shall we?

I signed up for Knotty Knickers, a panty subscription service, at the end of September. I got my first shipment the first week in October and I loved them. They were cute and fit well. Before that first shipment I sent in my preferences and requested no low cut pairs.

I got my second shipment a month later and none of the styles fit. They were all low cut and horrible. And one had a hole. I reached out to the company and they said they could resend panties at 50% off plus shipping and then add a free pair to December’s order for the pantie with a hole in them. I didn’t really want to pay again for the panites but I agreed. I clearly started one more time to keep the XL size but no low cut pairs. They said my profile was being updated and since I was 75% ok with how it was handled I decided to keep my subscription.

And now you are caught up.

So then about a week later, I got my replacement set. And guess what?! THEY WERE THE EXACT SAME PAIRS AS THE FIRST SET!

And now I’m angry.

I emailed the company to complain and sent this picture as proof.

As you can see, they are identical (the replacements are the full orange and full black pairs which are right beside each other, and then the orange and black pair). I threw away the pair with the hole in them so I only had one pair of the black and orange to compare but they were still the low cut. I tried all the new pairs on just to make sure.

I emailed to complain once again. That I now had paid for 6 pairs of underwear which were completely unwareable and that both times it was their mistake! I asked for a full refund of my November order and the replacements OR to send new product that was in my proper size and preferences.

They replied that they don’t do refunds but they will update my profile to say no low cut and they can send me replacements at 50% off plus shipping.

I said that’s already happened and it’s not good enough! I cancelled my subscription and I wanted either a full refund or replacement product. I was also going to file a complaint with the BBB (that’s the better business bureau) against the company.

I then went on the BBB website and found this amazing notice for Knotty Knickers:

So lesson learned! Always check the BBB before signing up for something like this.

I called my bank to try to block the company from charging my card any more. I read a few of the complaints on the BBB’s website and a lot of them said that even after cancelling they were being charged. Or they couldn’t get into their account because their passwords just magically didn’t work anymore. My bank said that to block the company from charging my account I would need to cancel my entire credit card and that’s just such a pain. BUT to keep my eye on my statement because one I had the cancellation email, I could file fraud charges and a dispute if any new charges were applied to my card.

Knotty Knickers replied that a refund would be issued but they had to reactive my account to do so. So I sent an email saying thank you for the refund but under no circumstances were they allowed to charge my card any more. I even went into my account and changed my subscription to every two months to allow processing time to happen. This was on November 20th and my payments came out on the 25th of the month.

Then I checked my credit card statement. Only the replacement charge had been refunded! I emailed again stating I wanted the FULL refund and that this was ridiculous. It was their mistake TWICE that caused this problem and that it was unexceptable.

They replied that they will update my file and be more cautious next time in packing my next order. But preferences are not guaranteed and they don’t issue refunds.

To save your own sanity just know that a week of back and forth emails happened. Me saying I was not going to have a next order and they were not authorized to charge my card again and to give me a refund and that I was reporting themto the BBB, and them saying “preferences are not guaranteed. We have updated your account preference and will be more careful with your next order” At one point they even said they would put another free pair of panties on my next order. Like how many times do I have to say there isn’t going to be a next order?

I finally gave up today. They have stopped replying to my emails. I deleted my account and will be filing my complaint with the BBB over the next few days when I have time, adding in my email exchanges as proof if there is a space to do so.

I literally can’t believe how this turned out. Like I am outraged at how I was treated after THEIR mistakes. I will be telling everyone I know and blasting it on all social media sites that I see ads for them, that they suck so hard. I hope they get shut down.

17 thoughts on “Knotty Knickers – the Replacements

  1. The darks side of online commerce. I was shopping for chlorine tables over the summer. The usual size for the tablets are 3 inches. I was mystified that Amazon allowed this seller to sell a container of 300 for next to nothing. It’s not until you read the desciption that you find out that the chlorine tablets are about the size of children’s aspirin:

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  3. That is awful, T. Your first set were great – but maybe that’s their trick. Make sure service and quality great for the first shipment to reel people in, than everything after is a nightmare. I hope you don’t have anymore troubles and that your credit card doesn’t end up with charges.

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