The Captain’s Quiz 5: Golden Rings Results

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Well well well welll…..look who is back on top AGAIN!

This is starting to be such a great place to be, yet I will remain humble and modest, as only the best winners of contests really are, which of course, I am the bestest of the best.

As the title of this post clearly states, there have only been 5 quizzes to date, and I, the most amazing and lovely, T, have won 3 of them. 2 of them consecutively. This makes me, The Quiz Queen. There ya have it folks! A title has been given in addition to the creation of the crown. The crown was my creation, the title was given to me by someone else who I will keep anonymous so that they don’t receive any flak for inflating my already expanded ego.

And I will be HAPPY to give up both the crown and the title to anyone who can beat my records. The crown goes to anyone who wins more than 2 consecutive quizzes, and the title (which can be switched to Quiz King) will go if anyone beats my overall score. It’s all in your hands my friends.

I do wish to address these things from the quiz:

Firstly: I claimed first place with a HUGE lead, gaining 160 points. 2nd place had 138 (and congrats Bex for getting 2nd place on your first time out!!)

Secondly: PAUL! How can you not know what Bluestone 42 is?! I used to talk about it CONSTANTLY a few years ago and it is just an amazing show. Think MASH but in Afghanistan in 2013. It’s about a British bomb-defusing squad who gets into shenanigans. I didn’t watch the first season because the death of my friend in Afghanistan from an IED was still too fresh in my mind to even consider watching it, and even when I did get into the show, there were some times when I really had to step back and put some distance between my emotions and the content of the show, but overall it was seriously AMAZING! My brother even likes it and he is SO hard to impress!! Also, the actor who is the translator in the series commented on my blog when the entire show ended on a little bit of a cliffhanger. Someone tweeted my post about being all upset that it was over, tagged him, and he saw it and came over here to my little slice of the world and commented on it.

I can’t find a free version of the first episode, but here is the second. WATCH IT! It’s just 23 minutes and I think you can do it.

Now if you’ll all excuse me, I am off to bask in the glory that is my 3rd and record-setting win. Thank you all for your support and love during this time. Gifts for future love from The Quiz Queen are always welcome in the form of nail polish items, acceptable candidates for boyfriends, and chocolates. If you REALLY want to get in my good books, a copy of Bluestone 42’s entire series in DVD form will keep you from being beheaded for at LEAST 10 years, no matter what crimes you commit.

2 thoughts on “The Captain’s Quiz 5: Golden Rings Results

  1. There’s a lot here, so I’ll just say congratulations again and…..I know what MASH is but have no idea what it’s about, so using it as a reference does nothing for me. And now I run away.

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