I didn’t forget to post today!

I know this is much later than I usually post, but I just didn’t have anything to post this morning. But now I do!


I had a super great day.

My students all had a super great day.

The desk flipper? They had a GREAT day! A few demand refusals but the second time I asked they followed through. They told their IT that no they would not go to reading, and I walked over and made the demand and they were like “oh all right…” and started to clean up their toys. One. Plastic. Dinosaur. At. A. Time. I’m not sure why, but they decide they need to dump out all their ziplock bags of toys onto their desk.

Anyway, I start counting backwards from 10 and they are all NOOOOOO ITS TOO MUCH PRESSURE STOP COUNTING! So I said I’d count in my head and then they were like “oh no! Wait, count out loud!” and then they cleaned up quickly.

At recess, we had no support for them. When we went out, they asked to hold my hand. I said of course! They had great listening ears all morning so I would love to hold their hand. Then we got to the playground and I said, “if you have excellent listening ears all recess, I will hold your hand coming in as well!” and THEY DIDNT RUN AWAY!

Same with second recess. They didn’t have any support all afternoon and they had a great afternoon.

At home time, I even got my very first hug from them! YAY!

And then the bus was only 4 minutes late instead of at least 10! So I’m home and typing this hahaha.

How was our Monday?

4 thoughts on “Surprise!

  1. Mine was terrible! Somewhere my wedding ring snapped and I lost it and my engagement ring! They were attached to an enhancer and I looked down at my finger and there was a big hole in the middle! I’ve had that ring almost 40 years!!!!


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