Sunday Scribblings #80

Aaron’s word of inspiration this week is hello.

Bom Dia Reaction GIF

Hey! How’s it going? Thanks for stopping by!

Since Aaron is nice enough to bring us together for Sunday Scribblings, might I suggest that we all just say hello in the comments? Let’s all do the school thing and introduce ourselves. I’ll go first.

Hi! My name is T, or Giggling Fattie. I run this blog. Duh. That’s why it exists. My favourite colour is yellow, my favourite animal is a hippo, and I’m a teacher. I am 34 and I live in Ottawa.

Okies dokies hokis – it’s your turn! Everyone take a second and introduce yourself. Drop a few details in the comments. Leave a link to your blog if you’d like and try to visit other people to get to know them. Cookies and juice boxes are on the table in the back. Make sure you take a balloon on your way out. I don’t want them left over at the end of the night.

17 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #80

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  2. Hi, my name is LaBranda, I am 39, a teacher, mother of a 15 year old boy ball player and 1 year old girl unicorn whisperer. My favorite color is yellow and give me a good book and a giant fan with a comfy spot and ill be set for the day!! I love reading your blog even though I don’t get on as often as I would like. In addition to working full time, mommy full time, im also and online student full time. I hope you all have an amazing Thanksgiving week. It’s so nice to have this time off.

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