The Captain’s Quiz 5: Golden Rings

GUYSSSSSSS Paul is back with another quiz. Christmas came early this year!

If you want the rules, click Paul‘s name and read them. Here are my answers to Paul‘s questions.

1. The Fab Five were a group of all-freshmen starters for the 1991 Michigan men’s basketball team. What is something you immediately excelled at?

Debate! You’d never have known it because I was the person who teachers would say I had to speak up more in class, or when asked to read in class, would read my section before the time came for me to read and then I would read it as fast as I could because I was so nervous, and then everyone would laugh that I went so fast and I would be embarrassed which just added to my anxiety. But put me in front of 3 adult judges, 2 opposition members, and even just a semi-okish partner and I CRUSHED dreams. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I have medals from 95% of my debates (mostly gold) but the best debate ever was when the opposition cried cos they knew they lost. What a rush!

2. One Direction was a boy band that eventually went in five directions. If you were in a five-person band, would you be the first one to leave? Why or why not?

Oh 100% I would be the first! Whenever I have to work in groups of more than 2 other people I tend to be the first one who is ousted for not working well with others. I have strong opinions and am not easily swayed in those opinions haha. So either I would be the first one out OR everyone would leave at the exact same time and I’d be the last one standing haha

3. Five Alive is a line of various fruit juice blends. Create a new drink and include any number (other than five) in its name. Tell me about the new drink.

My new drink is called Nine Dancing Mangos – and it’s something that I have actually made many times before. You take peach-mango V8 and mix it with sprite. IT IS SO GOOD! The adding of the carbonated sprite to the fruit juice makes it so lovely and fresh to drink.

4. In the mid-2000s, WWE Superstar John Cena had a weekly segment on called, “Five Questions With The Champ” where he answered fan questions. If you were to send a celebrity five questions, who would it be and what would you ask?

My questions are for the only “celebrity” that I really care to fan girl over: Vladislav Tretiak. Here are my questions for the greatest goalie of all time:

  1. If you could have had a career in any other sport what sport would that be?
  2. Who were the players you admired the most when you were growing up/playing?
  3. Did you ever feel like you missed out on aspects of life beacuse of your proficiency in hockey?
  4. What would you want improved for the players coming up in the sport now?
  5. You have a son and a daughter – did you ever want either of your children to follow in your footsteps as being a professional athelete, or did you discourage it?

5. The San Francisco 49ers have won five Super Bowls, with their last one coming in 1995. What is something from 1995 that you wish we still had and/or did in 2021?

I can’t really remember 1995, I was only 8. But I googled and this Buzzfeed article came up and based on those 25 options, I really miss the cameras with film. I really loved having to wait and get the pictures back, and I liked the purpose of those photos. Now it feels like people just take a TON of photos and don’t really experience things anymore? Like sure I have 150 digital pictures of this place or event, but did I actually experience it and be present or was I just taking photos?

6. When you type, “Where are the” into Google, what is the fifth autocomplete option?

Where are the next winter Olympics

7. The TV show, Breaking Bad, had five seasons. What is your favourite TV show and how many seasons does it have?

My favourite show is Bluestone 42 and it only has 3 seasons. This is so sad because they are British seasons so that means there are only 6-8 episodes per season.

8. The PlayStation 5 has experienced supply issues due to a chip shortage. What are your top five potato chip flavours?

  1. All Dressed
  2. Bold BBQ Doritos
  3. Doritos
  4. Miss Vickie’s Sweet Chilli and Sour Cream
  5. Ketchup

9. “Remember, remember, the 5th of November” is a line from the movie, V for Vendetta. What do you remember about November 5, 2021?

It was the first really nice day with the new student, but it was also the day that I decided that I needed to take a break from the dating apps that I was on and unmatched almost everyone who I had matched with and gave my number to the one person I wanted to keep talking to and then deactivated all my accounts for my own mental well being.

10. How would you explain the “high five” hand gesture to someone who doesn’t know what it is?

A “high-five” is a gesture that gives praise and support to someone for doing or saying something good. In order to perform the action, you must raise your hand so that it’s in front of your torso, with your palm facing away from you. Then push your palm away from your body, and hit it against the person you wish to give the high five to. Please note that the force with which you use on these high fives is entirely up to you, however, if you are gentle, most people would appreciate it. If you know the person really well, more force is socially acceptable.


1. If you could be five-years-old for the next 24 hours, what would you do?

I would eat lots of snacks and have an afternoon nap and go to bed early and have adults read to me and help me zip my zipper and put on my hat for me and my boots and my mittens. And I would run and giggle and play and do nothing that resembles any of my regular adult responsibilities.

2. How many five-letter words can you type in two minutes? Do it, but don’t share the words with me. Your answer to this question will only be the number of words.


3. Tell me the story behind the fifth photo in your phone (or camera, computer, photo album).

The 5th photo in my google photos is my left hand from when I did my nails last weekend. I had already finished the design and loved it and had cleaned up the edges so that I could take the photo. After the photo was taken, I was able to create the video for my Instagram and then make my blog post that went up on Monday that shared the process of changing my nails this time.

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