Holiday Prep

It’s just not the same this year.

Usually, on November 12th, I have my Christmas stuff out and ready to be put up. Not this year. Because of the tantrums that have been happening in my class with the new student, I decided not to bring my Christmas tree into school this year. I was going to put it up over the weekend, but I just slept the whole time that I wasn’t curled up under a blanket trying to stay awake. I am really feeling so emotionally and mentally exhausted.

Another change in my class this year is that it’s the Holidays, it’s not Christmas. My school has many different religions and faith followers so I need to also remind myself that I am not working at a Christian school anymore. When we did our cards for the soldiers around Remembrance Day, I had to keep reminding myself to say holiday cards.

At least one of my students doesn’t celebrate Christmas, so I do have to be aware of that and my own language in my class.

I usually like to give books as a gift to my students. When you have 47 or 37 kids, that is a lot. Ordering from scholastics was about $120 my first year! In my second year, we weren’t to give gifts because of Covid. But now that I only have 8 students, things are a little bit better!

I just ordered a 10 pack of I-Spy holiday books. That was $20. Plus shipping and stuff and it was $27.30 and I had $29.60 left in bonus bucks on my scholastics account. I have the extra cards that were extra from the cards for the soldiers, and also have some fun things from last year left over: slap bracelets and scratch-off bookmarks. Put them all together and you get a pretty awesome holiday gift from your teacher which cost me $0 since I had purchased all the items for previous things! YAY! I will have to buy some wrapping paper for the items, and possibly a lollipop or candy cane to put on each package. But due to allergies in my class, I’m not sure I will be able to do any edible items…I’m still considering.

And once I finished writing this post, I put up my Christmas tree in my apartment just to bring me a little bit of happiness.

8 thoughts on “Holiday Prep

  1. We don’t do anything Christmassy until after a certain date in December which is one of the Barbarian’s birthdays. Rule is no Christmas until that is celebrated. But as soon as that has passed… Your tree is very cute though, and I hope it brings you some joy through all that exhaustion (((hugs)))

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