What I’ve been reading

Finally back into books!

Since I was moving, I took a little break from reading over the summer. I didn’t want to have to worry about books being accidentally packed into boxes in July, and then I didn’t have the time or energy to seek out a library here in Ottawa after I moved. BUT I have finally done it! Mostly because I liked to have access to books for lessons that I might not have access to working at a small private school with a limited library.

I got my library card on the 16th of October but didn’t start to get books out right away. However, in the last month, I have read 4 books. I have a list of “saved for later” books that I am looking forward to reading as I have the time to as well. Basically, my list is romance novels and real-life stories from Auschwitz survivors. Yup, that’s a very wide range on the literary genre scale, but it is what it is LOL

Book #29 for this year was The Duke and I by Julia Quinn.

This is the first book in the Bridgerton series, aka the series that was introduced to Netflix over Christmas last year. The book follows the first season of the Netflix series so I knew what was going to happen. I have to say that I enjoyed the book! It wasn’t as graphic as the tv show (but really what could have been haha!) and it was a really sweet story. The copy that I had, and the one pictured there, has a second epilogue at the end which tells you what happens to the characters in the future. This book has Daphne at 40 years old so it’s quite some time in the future from the ending of the book. I am seeking out all the books in order to read what happens to the siblings. Since each book I am hoping has the second epilogue, I won’t have to also then read the last book of the series “happily ever after” because that is just a book with all the second epilogues in it.

Book #30 was Meet Cute

Every chapter of this book is written by someone else and is a completely different story. It’s just those cute meetings between people in life. I thought I would enjoy it a lot more than I did. A few of the authors I knew from my reading adventures this past year, but I have to say that I wasn’t really impressed with this one. A meet-cute is a sudden meeting and all the added details kind of ruined the whole idea of a “meet-cute” for me? And they just ended in weird places. Each chapter wasn’t really a complete short story for me, and I was disappointed at the end of each one.

Although, good news about this one! It was my 30th book this year!! In January of 2021 when I started reading, I challenged myself to get through 30 books before the year was over and heck to the yes I did it!

Book #31 was Renegade

I usually LOVE Ted DekKer books, and this book was ok. It took a little bit to get into and kind of followed the same concept from a different series that DekKer has written so I was a bit let down. It was book 3, and I didn’t realize that before I had it in my lap getting ready to start it. The good thing about DekKer’s series is that you can basically pick up any book in the series and follow along without any previous knowledge. His circle trilogy which then became a 4 book series, was like that. You could start with any book and be ok as long as you read them in a specific order. So the story was ok, and I was entertained and I was not angry that I read it. But I don’t think I’ll be seeking out the next book to continue with the journey of these characters.

Book #32 was The Viscount who Loved Me.

YES another Julia Quinn book! It’s #2 in the Bridgerton series. This is the story of the eldest Brigerton child, Anthony. I really enjoyed this book!! I liked to get to know Anthony better. This is also the second season for the Netflix series so I can’t wait to watch it and see the story come alive. Again, I was able to score a copy with the second epilogue in it, and was glad that I did! Just a heads up to all you people reading I have book #3 in my bedroom right now! LOL I started a different book on Sunday but it will be next.

Also to be included in this post was a “did not finish” book. It was by Nora Roberts and I can’t even tell you the name of it! I tried to read it. I finished one chapter and then had no interest in continuing so I didn’t.

Have you been reading anything good lately?

16 thoughts on “What I’ve been reading

  1. I just finished China Rich Girlfriend, the follow up to Crazy Rich Asians. I liked it and would like to read the 3rd book in the tribology, but I’m currently reading A Piece of Cake: A Memoir by Cupcake Brown and holy cow! This woman has been through a lot and I’m not even half way through.

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  2. I am reading Fahrenheit 451 because it is on my list of 100 books to read. I just finished a book called “The Chain” by Adrian McKinty where a child is kidnapped and in order to get the child back the parents have to pay a ransom AND kidnap another child so that the chain keeps going. Kinda scary to think about it. I have the Tattooist of Auschwitz to read next.

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  3. The Cupcake Brown story is a fabulous read – I read it a number of years ago. I’m reading little these days – no time for books or tv. Once the silly season settles things will be better. November through to Christmas is always a horror time (with school year finishing, everything finishing actually, summer holidays starting, plus family birthdays and Christmas it’s just sooo busy).

    I loved the Birdgerton netflix series so am curious about the second epilogues. But for now I will settle for watching the series. Not sure I could be bothered reading it now I’ve watched it.

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