Nail Art Hearts

Finally, I have a design back on my nails!

It’s been two weeks of just a plain colour on my nails, and I have finally changed them to have a design.

I originally got this design wwwaaayyyyy back in 2016 right before I left South Korea. I think it was one of my last designs before I moved home. Just a simple white accent nail with a heart on it. I’ve replicated it a few times in different colours.

I used a colour I wanted to use last time I changed my nails. I have never actually used this blue before and I have to say I should have been using it all along! It’s GORGEOUS! I wish I had a matte topcoat to see what it would look like as a matte colour. I do have a regular polish matte top coat but I’m not sure how long it would last over the gel top coat I already have on it. Maybe the day before I change them I will try it out just to see.

Here is the inspiration for this design! A dark purpley blue but still hella cute!

Here is my final product!

Drawing the heart on my left hand was TERRIFYING! But I went nice and slow and I think it turned out great!! Actually, I think both hands turned out great! I really love them! The inspiration picture has the hearts being more round and I wish I was able to achieve that, but these hearts are just as cute and I love them! I think my nails now are longer so I tried to make the heart longer to fill up the space but didn’t compensate enough in the fattness aspect. And we all know a thicc girl is best, but this time it just didn’t happen.

Here is the video of the creation for those who wish to see. It’s just over a minute so it doesn’t take too long to watch.

I do actually like them better on the rounded nail, but I’m a square girl at heart haha I have done rounded nails before but I just love the look of a square or squoval. I still love love love how these look in person.

As you can see, the blue is just giving me LIFE right now! I have a very detailed and difficult design lined up for the next time I do my nails, and I will be using this blue again. Fingers crossed it turns out because it will be my first holiday design and will bring me right up until Christmas break.

I’m going to try to get 3 weeks out of these hearts before switching them up. I only have 5 weeks until I leave for my week at my parents’ so I might do 2 weeks with the hearts and then 3 weeks with the next design. I’m not sure yet. Let’s see how long they hold up HAHA

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