Sunday Scribblings #79

Aaron’s word of inspiration this week is nurse.

Now, this is a word I don’t need ANY inspiration for!

My best friend is a nurse. Or she was. She went to nursing school and graduated and then got her license but realized very quickly that for her, working in a hospital or a doctor’s office, was just not for her, but she still wanted to help people. Kind of how I did my teaching degree and decided that working in a public school is just not for me.

So my best friend works for The Canadian Cancer Society. She is one of the people who will answer your calls or emails or chats if you need information.

She is honestly one of the most caring and wonderful people I know. She is patient and understanding and I can always depend on her to give sound advice. She is calm and level headed and I honestly don’t know what I would do without her in my life.

But sometimes her job can be really stressful. It’s basically a job where you call to get information and they can recommend calling certain places for certain programs and things like that. So if you just recently discovered that you have cancer and you don’t know what programs are available to help you, she’d be one of the amazing people who are there to offer some insight into that.

Some people are so rude to her though! Like she understands that they are in a very stressful place in their life, which is honestly why she is amazing because she has such deep empathy for people, but when someone is asking for something that they just can’t do, they get irrate! I can’t imagine having to deal with that every day. Sometimes it’s really hard for her too but there are some calls where the people are just so kind and lovely that it makes up for it.

But she is still a nurse! Basically my own private nurse. The kind that I text at like 10:30 at night when I realized that I took a muscle relaxor AND a maximum dose of cough medicine and want to make sure if I fall asleep I won’t die lol

She is the best best friend anyone could ask for!

5 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #79

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  2. LOL “if you fall asleep you won’t die.” I had aspirations to be a nurse too but I decided to do medical assisting instead. It got me into working at a doctor’s office and I was trained to given injections, do EKGs and things like that without having to go through all four years of college. It was a 7 month course. I never worked in a hospital but I did spend the first 10 years assisting doctors. After that I went into the receptionist/office manager position. My family still call me to ask my “professional medical opinion” on things. Most of the time I’m right 🙂

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