Knotty Knickers #2

November Shipment

If you missed the styles from October, you can check them out here. I have been wearing them regularly in my rotation and here are my final thoughts on them!

The black ones are a PAIN! I love how I feel in them, but taking them off, they roll up around the waistband. So every time you go to the bathroom you have to spend an extra minute or so unrolling them just to pull them back up.

The red ones are delightful! But the pink ones actually turned out to be my favourites!!

This month, the packaged arrived on November 4th, and I was soooo excited about it! The styles were Halloween-ish and super cute.

The black and orange ones were my favourites right out of the bags, and the full orange ones seem to be very similar to the pink ones from October, and I really liked the cut-out detailing on the plain black ones. Overall I was in LOVE with these just by looking at them.

And then I tried them on.

And none of them fit!!!

They were all too short! AND the black and orange ones had a hole!

I emailed the company and explained that while I loved the styles, all of them were unwearable for being too small and that one had a hole in them. I said that the panties in the last shipment fit perfectly, so this was not a first time buying and they were too small type of thing.

They replied that they were sorry I was unhappy. A credit for a free pair was on my account for the one with a hole in it. They then listed their measurements for their sizing and said that if I sent a picture of the panties laid out flat, to show how much they were off in the waist, they could give a one-time 50% off discount for new ones. Or if I wanted to change sizes it would apply as well.

I replied and said that the waist size wasn’t the issue, it was the LENGTH of the panties. These ones didn’t come up to my hips and would not stay up since they were not long enough. I sent this picture (of my favourite pinks ones) to show the difference and said that I would send the exact measurements later that day.

I really love that they are sheer and you can see the pink pantie all the way along the sides. But like that’s a HUGE difference in length!! Especially on that area of the body.

I got home from work on Friday and emailed the actual measurement pictures. They were all over an inch off, with the black and orange ones being the most with 2inches of length missing.

They replied Sunday morning that they could adjust my file to say to not include any of the low-cut styles moving forward. I replied that I had already selected the non-low cut styles when I first registered and that yes I would like them to double-check that my file reflected that. I also said I look forward to the free pair and the 50% off next month. I am not taking responsibility for their mistakes, especially since they don’t accept any returns -and rightfully so! LOL like I tried these on in the comfort of my own bedroom and there was nothing between them and my body. I would never return them as they had been worn against my skin.

They replied Monday afternoon that the 50% off was not for next month but for a replacement order for November. So that should be arriving soon. It kind of sucks I have to pay again (even at 50% off) but I do want to take them up on their offer to rectify the situation. It was one mistake and now my profile should explicitly state no low cut ones. Although my preferred styles should have already said that.

They sent one more “please clarify that you are wanting to be charged again at 50% off and please indicate the correct sizing” email which was nice as well. Covering their bases and making sure they fully understood my wishes. The new panties should be arriving shortly.

I’d like to see how the replacements are and what December’s batch is like before making any decisions on the longevity of my subscription. I do feel like they made a solid attempt to rectify the situation especially since they can’t get their product back in the first place and are just trusting that I am being honest about them not fitting well and not just using an excuse to get a discount. So overall, I am happy with how this was resolved.

When the new panties arrive, I will post some pictures! And no Rob, there will not be a try on post for this month or any other month šŸ˜…šŸ˜…

9 thoughts on “Knotty Knickers #2

  1. Where are they coming from? I have had similar issues with shirts my husband wanted that came from China. Their idea of large or extra large is quite different than ours. Those are cute but I couldn’t wear them either. Agree about not sending them back. Who would want that?

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  2. What a pain that they were low cut. Although the just orange pair don’t look like they are too much shorter. Are they wearable or is it just the way it shows in the photo? I hope the replacement ones are as pretty (and fit) šŸ™‚

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    • The plain orange ones are technically wearable, but I do have to pull them up so high that its uncomfortable to wear. Same with the all black. They can reach my hips but at the cost of wedgies and being uncomfortable.


  3. You have inspired me! I asked my husband for a subscription to a monthly pantie shipment. I gave him 2 options: Knotty Knickers or Splendies. We shall see which one he goes for. šŸ™‚

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