GF Gets Waxed…Again

Covid has been a cruel mistress for the upkeep of my body…

Okies, so for those who don’t know, about 4 years ago, I started waxing certain areas of my body. Not THOSE areas…ummm no thank you painful waxing! But mostly just my shoulders. I wrote about that experience here if you’d like to jump back to August of 2017. And then in January I also started doing my face.

I was lucky enough that right before all the COVID shutdowns in March of 2020, I had an appointment that did my face and my shoulders. Then everything closed. I was having my face done every 2 weeks, and my shoulders every 6. It was such a shock when I couldn’t get it done anymore, but also I was able to save all that money.

My face is ok now. I actually really like the look of it with a little bit of fuzz on it. I do have to be conscious of plucking long hairs and keeping up with some rough ones that grow out, but for the most part, I have been doing well with that upkeep.

But it’s the shoulders man!! In the summer of 2020, no one really did anything so I didn’t really mind having hair on them. The majority of my body hair is white so it’s not like it was dark or anything. And when the salons opened up again in late August of 2020, I decided I was only going to get my shoulders done moving forward. I was able to get maybe 2 appointments in before everything was closed again last fall. It has been over a year of growth on them. This summer I was really self-conscious about it. And even into the fall because I like to wear shirts that are off the shoulder a bit, or that aren’t turtle necks so ya know, my shoulder and back are showing a little bit.

So, in an act of self-care, on Saturday I went and got my shoulders waxed!! I just booked an appointment at a nail salon a 10-minute walk from my house which also has a waxing room. They quoted me $10 when I asked about doing my shoulders. At my place in Toronto, it was a much classier salon and it was about $25. So bonus! I went in and the lady asked what I wanted to be done and I explained and she said she needed to change the price which was totally fine! It ended up being $16 something after the taxes. She had this really cool roller thing that she just rolled the wax onto my skin? I’ve never seen that before and it was pretty neat. The wax wasn’t as hot as I’m used to but that was fine. It was just nice!

She kept showing me the paper strips as she pulled them off and I was like “yeah I know, it’s a lot of hair, it’s been over a year!”She also caught sight of my nails and said she really liked them. She then asked if I got them done there at the salon!!! I said no that I do my own poly gels and she was so impressed! It was such a great experience!

When she was done, she put baby oil all over my back, which I was expecting to cause it to break out, but ya know what, I checked in the mirror the next morning and it was fine! She did a quick little shoulder massage, fixed my bra straps and I was getting dressed! It honestly was great! She kept asking if I was ok with the pain and like, yeah lady, I’ve been doing this for years haha. Although, my back did feel weird and tingly for a day or so after haha just getting used to the waxing again.

I will definitely go back! I think I’ll let it go for 2 months though. It is the winter so I won’t be showing my shoulders at all and my hair does grow slower in the winter. The only thing that I feel REALLY horrible about, is that it was cash tips only! I had no idea and only had my debit card. Next time I will have to remember and bring cash with me.

16 thoughts on “GF Gets Waxed…Again

  1. Post-menopause women’s hair starts to thin – not much fun. But I’m surprised they want cash tips! Most places over here are electric transactions only to minimise handling because of covid “contactless” everything seems to be the way. I haven’t had to get cash out in close to 6 months!

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    • Yes! Even before covid I never had cash in my wallet!! Their shop is cash or debit only, no credit. And tips are cash only. So strange…

      My hair has been thinning since I was about 20 lol now I have nothing on the very too of my head


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