Nail Art Advent

GUYS! I am so excited about this you have no idea!

So last Sunday, I ordered an advent calendar from Madam Glam. The site said it would take 8-16 days to arrive since it was coming from the USA. But of course, every single day, multiple times a day, I was checking the tracking number. Because that’s what we as humans do! We get the tracking number, we get the delivery window and then we just ignore that and check the link until it actually arrives! Do I expect the package to be at my house 30 minutes after I was given the tracking number? No. Does that stop me from checking the tracking number? Also no.

The package was being delivered by DHL so I knew that it might arrive on the weekend. If it was being delivered by Canada Post, I wouldn’t expect it on the weekend. I was following the tracking number all week and Saturday morning it still said in transit. I knew that it had cleared Canadian customs and was on its way.

Saturday afternoon, I checked the number again. And the link said it had been delivered FRIDAY MORNING!?! Well, then my litter heart started to panic! This was a $149US product, and after I paid the currency conversion on it, it was $190! Yes, I know this is expensive for an advent calendar, but I have also been wanting one for a few years now. With my new job, I was finally able to afford one and not have to sacrifice something else.

Okies so I go outside and check the porch. The guy who has the second apartment in the basement is the mail guy. He will check the mail and there is also a community lockbox for oversized things which Canada post doesn’t want to leave just sitting at your door. This is awesome! But also, he is the only one with a key. Anyway, this package was listed as DHL and they don’t have a key. It’s now more than 24 hours later and I’m a little worried. There is no box anywhere. I come back inside and ask if he had brought it in, he said no but he also hadn’t checked the lockbox yesterday. I said it was being delivered by DHL so probably wouldn’t be there. He was going to go out later and said he’d make sure to check the lockbox just in case. A girl from upstairs was doing her laundry and this was my first time ever seeing her or talking to her, but my downstairs neighbour said they will sometimes bring packages in if they notice them and then bring them down. So I asked her as well and she said she hadn’t seen anything but would check upstairs on their table.

So I have the email all typed out for this company “someone is home all day and this package did not arrive” But then! OHHH THEN!!!! My downstairs neighbour comes home and he knocks on my door. I was expecting the “sorry it wasn’t there” speech but he had it!! AAAHHHHHHHHH I’m guessing that when it cleared customs it switched from DHL to Canada Post because that’s the only way that it would get into the lock box. But YAY all the same!

So here she is!!

She is so beautiful!! And inside is just as glamourous!

I checked and each number is a completely sealed box. So when I head to my parents’ house for the holidays, I can just take the 6 boxes that I need with me and not the whole thing. YAY!

I will be making posts in December about the items. I’m not sure if I should do daily posts or once a week. What do you think? There will be daily pictures on my nail art Instagram but not sure if that also needs to be reflected here. I have a few weeks to decide.

In the box, there was also a free gift. The day that I ordered, it was a “Christmas nail lamp”. I’m not sure if that’s every day’s gift or if it was just for ordering so early or what, but I got it. I think it’s a little weird to have a nail lamp just for the holidays. Like is that really necessary? I understand having a bazillion colours of glitter and stickers and gems and polish, because I NEED those things. But a lamp only for Christmas? Nah. But I won’t be keeping it. I have a full-sized LED lamp which I just got and I love! Once I open all the boxes, I might put together a little bundle and try to sell it on FB marketplace or something. But that doesn’t mean you can’t see how cute it is! I could probably fit my whole hand in there minus my thumb. And it is nice to hold up and just go over your thumb. BUT you have to plug it into your laptop. And it’s such a baby lamp lol

Anyway! I am super excited about this treat for myself. I will definitely let you all know what is included in the calendar!! Now to just be patient and wait…

Also, YAY day 30 of posts!!

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