Nail Art: Frustration


Let’s start off with positive things! I got a little clip on light for my desk to provide some much needed light to my nail operation!

Also, I ordered the Madam Glam advent calendar this year! It was $150 USD but I have never had a nail art advent calendar and its about time I got one! It also came with a free mini lamp so that was a lovely surprise! I’ll do an unboxing when it arrives. Although that will probably be a post a day all of December haha

After 3 weeks I was ready to get rid of my Halloween nails. They lasted soooo well! Last weekend I did fill in the back of the black nails with regular (air dry) polish and threw on a regular (air dry) matte top coat on all the nails. They still looked GREAT on Saturday when I was taking them off.

Now onto the bad…

I had an idea about what to do. But I asked the sous-chef what colour to do. I gave 4 choices and he picked a green one. I decided to switch up my design because my first was a heart design and I didn’t want to be “oooh loookkkk hearts and the colour you picked!” We still haven’t met yet and I’m actually talking to other people now, so I didn’t want to add any whatever to whatever we have going on.

I planned to do a straight green nail with a tear drop gem on each nail. Simple but also a little extra.

And then I did my regular drill off all the stuff, build up the nails, shape them. But U didn’t smooth them before putting on polish. Which is fine, it just means there are deep roughness on the nail surface and the polish really soaks in I feel.

I flooded my cuticles, which sometimes happens. No biggie. Then went to add on the gems. I decided to use gummy gel for extra hold and when I cured it, it looked so BLEH! So on the other hand I just used a thick layer of top coat to secure the gems. It worked well and looked so much better. BUT the extra thick coat also flooded my cuticles even more.

But I decided I would keep the design for a week. It was 3 hours in and I didn’t want to even think about redoing them.

So I had dinner and a shower and after my shower, 3 gems had fallen off!! I WAS OVER IT!

I cleaned up the cuticle area but using my nippers to carefully release the skin from the polish and to nip away the over flow, then got my electronic nail file out again and drilled ALL THE POLISH OFF. I left a bit around the edges to make the reapplication easier.

I got the colour out again and now I have just boring green nails. Ugh.

So upsetting. I hate plain nails….

17 thoughts on “Nail Art: Frustration

  1. There is no frustration like manicure frustration! I love Madam Glam! I ordered polishes from them last year during Black Friday for me and mom at a really good price. I’ll have to look into their advent calendar… πŸ™‚

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  2. Yellow would be so pretty on that teal. You should just do little flowers on it with yellow and white centres…but it’s a week later now so they are probably already gone, lol.

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