The Captain’s Quiz 4 Results

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Look – I talk a mean game. I mean, I gotta. I’m sometimes my own hype woman and that means that sometimes I gotta hype it up. And for Paul’s Captain’s Quiz, I will HYPE it up! Cos Paul deserves all the hype for keeping us all entertained.

We just finished the 4th installment and so far here are the winners:

  1. Me
  2. Me
  3. Not Me
  4. Not Me

So I think I’m allowed to be a little bit cocky over the quizzes. I am the only two-time winner after all.

This time around, I’m not even upset about coming in 3rd. I am upset that I didn’t get bonus points for making Sabrina giggle (+1), or for the fact that I added pictures to my first answer (+1). And in question 6, it says +2 for being under 2 hours and one of my answers WAS under 2 hours so why don’t I get both bonus points?! HUH PAUL!?! (+1) And in bonus question #3, the hippo onesie IS a costume PAUL, it was sold on a rack for Halloween costumes, a few days before Halloween and came with accessories to make it a dancing princess hippo and was bought for the sole purpose of going trick-or-treating (+2).

My new total is 103 points, which still puts me in third place. Which is respectable.

I don’t really like Halloween. I like that I can do cute things with my students and I like that big boxes of chocolate will be on sale the next day, but I am not really a fan of anything else about it. Especially as an adult. It’s just not my thing. So I didn’t expect to do well on this quiz.

That being said, I am still not giving up my crown. As the only person to win The Quiz two times in a row, I will not give it up until someone can beat that. So the first person to get 3 in a row can have my crown. It’s only fair.

6 thoughts on “The Captain’s Quiz 4 Results

  1. 1. No giggle points
    2. If you had given 1 answer that was under 2 hours, you would’ve gotten full points! But you (and Aaron) had multiple guesses which the judges deemed to be unfair, so only 1 point was awarded.
    3. If you look at your score for the costume question, you’ll see I awarded you 16 points for 8 costumes, which means I counted the hippo onesie as a costume. I shall await my apaulogy!
    4. -2 for the start of the next quiz

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