Sunshine Award

I always say that I am a ray of freaking sunshine and now I have another award to prove it.

Rob from Friends without Borders was kind enough to tag me in this award and I shall gladly accept. I’d like to thank Rob for this, as we have been online friends for quite some time and I think this might be the very first thing he has nominated me for!

Now, if any of you know me, you will know that I hate following the rules so HA I’m not going to. Imma just answer Rob’s questions and then that’s about it. I’m not gonna tag anyone or nominate anyone. But if you want to also play along, please feel free to fill up the comment box just below this post.

Rob’s Questions:

If you were stuck on a desert island and had no food or water, and death was imminent, what song that I have written would you sing as your last words?

I’m not sure how I could pick just one?! I’ve heard so many of your songs over the last 5 or 6 years of this friendship that I refuse to narrow it down. Play your whole catalogue while I slowly and overly dramatically die.

You’ve just had triplet boys as your first children.  How would you explain to your husband that all three boys will be named Rob?

Well first we have to name this child Rob after my cousin who died a year before I was even born, but since he was always called Bobby, we shall call this child Bobby.

Child Number two will just be Rob. After Boston Rob because that was basically the last season of survivor that I watched and Boston Rob, while devious, is still THE Boston Rob.

And thirdly, our last child will be Robert. After the one and only Robert Dwoney Jr. Who is such a sarcastic person that I feel like we would be best friends and clearly who doesn’t want to be named after iron Man? Like, come on.

Now if those reasons did not seem to make any sense to my husband, the classic “I pushed them out, it’s my choice” would probably win over.

Who and why did you vote for in the last election?  Just kidding.  Why did you scratch out all candidates and pencil me in for ruler of the known universe?

Well, clearly it’s because you have such close connections to Mr. Tips. Since he is being sabotaged by someone and can’t run himself, you’re the next best choice!

Okies friends, there ya have it! If you know Rob and would like to answer his questions, please do so in the space below or write your own post and link back to his so he can enjoy the answers with you.

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