Venturing Out

My darling Peeps and Meeps! Welcome to day 14

I can’t remember the last day that I reached two weeks of postings about my regular life. In April I did do the AtoZ challenge which coupled with my Sunday Scribblings posts made a whole month of posts, but those were planned posts and all theme related. Not just things abut my own life.


Now that the September Teacher Exhaustion has settled, and my IEP’s are done, and I have completed my first term progress reports, I am starting to actually enjoy my weekends and have time and energy to do things.

This weekend is the first that I really have some time to do stuff and it’s nice weather out. Today is a little bit chilly but it is late October so that’s to be expected!

Last weekend while I was out, I got a library card and today, as soon as I finish blogging, I will go and pick up some books that are on hold for me. I was going to wait until all the holds arrived but one is still in transit and if I don’t pick up one of them before Monday I get charged for not picking it up LOL so I’ll go today. They will keep the holds for a week and then if you don’t cancel them you get a restocking charge on your account.

PS: Ottawa has a library app which I LOVE and if Toronto had one I didn’t know.

After I get back from the library trip (hopefully by 10:30) I’m going to start chili in my instapot on the slow cooker function which I have never used before. I haven’t used my instapot in about a year and a half so I’m a little concerned about that, and also the power it uses. But I will plug it in where I have my microwave and hopefully that will be ok. Thankfully in this house, I have the fuse box in my living room so if i blow a fuse then I can easily flip it back on HAHA. I am also going to make chicken noodle soup which I make the stock for yesterday, make a breakfast bake for the whole week, and clean my apartment. The chili will cook all day but the rest should be done before noon or like 1pm. I usually do at least the breakfast casserole on Sundays but tomorrow is going to even better than today. I high of 11 but feeling like 10 with sun. There is a small chance of rain in the afternoon (only 40%) so I’m planning on staying out all day.

I have registered for the 9am service at church and then since I’m already basically downtown, I will go all the way downtown. I have been saying that I want to go to the art gallery since I moved here and I am DOING IT! TOMORROW! I just booked my ticket for 11:30am so it’s paid for and now I have to go hahaha! Also will take some time to walk around the market since I’ll be right there and also will be meeting the guy I’ve been talking to. He works “downtown” and will be done by 3 so we are meeting up after. He knows I’m going to the art gallery so I think he’s probably close to there? Not sure. But a nice walk around the market or Parliament will be a good first meeting.

12 thoughts on “Venturing Out

  1. Not to brag or anything… But I’m on 665 consecutive days of posting. I really don’t intend for that to be a brag because now I don’t know if I can stop. I feel like if I miss a day of posting I’m going to lose that streak and it will all have been for nothing. And yet… is it really worth anything to have a streak that long?

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  2. Are you like the US where I think they have different capacity power outlets? In Oz all power points are the same in the house, so you can plug in anything, anywhere.

    And both slow cookers and pressure cookers are wonderful inventions! Love mine (I have a combo one and a separate slow cooker as well cause I use it the most).

    Have a wonderful day downtown and I hope the meet goes well!

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    • Um I’m not sure about the power capacity. All I know is that at my old place because there were so many people I didn’t dare use my Instapot! Like to run it all day? And then have someone run the microwave? Lol nah. We’d flip a breaker switch haha

      It was fine all day yesterday! But the chili was just meh.

      My Instpot is a combo of like 7 devices and my dad just showed me a new lid on amazon that will turn it into an air fryer!! AND I WANT IT SO MUCH but I need to get some other essential things first before indulging haha


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