The Captain’s Quiz 4: Under Your Bed

YAS it’s about time there was another one of these!

Paul over at the Captain’s Speech has gifted us another quiz. And y’all just KNOW that I needed to do it! So here we go! If you want the rules and all the other legal stuff, please click here and it will take you to Paul’s post. I only post entertaining things and this will be day 13 of posts so I’m not going to put the legal things here. So here are his questions:

1. Rank your top five favourite Halloween candy and explain your choices.

Okies so I’ve gotta say that any candy is good! But for Halloween specific, I love (1) halloween molasses kisses because they are only out at Halloween and they used to be ROCK HARD but now they are a really nice toffee type thing and just YUM! Mini (2) caramilk bars and (3) Reese Cups because those are my favourite chocolates and if I eat 4 mini ones I don’t feel as bad as if I ate a full sized one, (4) rockets because when I was younger I used to be FORDIBBEN from eating more than 2 at a time because I would get too hyper and silly and then get in trouble even if they do taste like chalk, annnnnnnnnddddddd (5) small boxes of nerds because sometimes I just want some nerds but a full box is too much! Please see the attached pictures for reference.

Sam's Club is selling nearly 13 pounds of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups in one  huge container for Halloween -
Buy Halloween Wonka Nerds Candy, Strawberry Flavor, 70 Pink Mini Boxes  Online in Canada. B07ZL445DK

2. In horror films, the victim normally runs upstairs while the killer is chasing them around the house. If you were to write a “what not to do” handbook for future characters in horror films, what would your chapter titles be?

  1. No Pantie Sets
  2. Gain 20 pounds
  3. Never run slow motion on the road after dark
  4. Don’t answer the phone
  5. Never be the virgin
  6. Don’t run, just sit down

3. If there was a monster under your bed, what would it look like?

He would be like a Cousin It type all covered in hair character, he would be purple with green spots. He would have legs like a chicken but talons like an eagle, he would have 6 eyes, all standing straight up on their own appendage, he would have orange ears like a bat, and his name would be Frank and would like a hot chocolate if you’re going out.

4. I Know What You Did Last Summer follows a group of friends who are trying to keep the details of last summer under wraps, while being stalked by a killer with a hook. What is something you did this past summer that you did not share on social media?

I did not share about the few dates that I had when I first moved to Ottawa.

5. If you were to provide a trick instead of a treat, what would your trick be?

None – I think tricks are cruel and mean and just ugh.

6. How long can you wear a Halloween costume before wanting to change into something else? Please provide a specific amount of time.

If I am wearing it for work (because I AM being forced to dress up this year) then 9 hours and 27 minutes. If it is just for trick or treating, 18 minutes and 38 seconds.

7. What Halloween decoration could we, as a society, do without?

Anything that is motion activated.

8. The songs, “Thriller” and “Monster Mash” have really cornered the market on “background-song-for-a-slideshow-of-student’s-Halloween-costumes”. What song was at the top of the Billboard Top 100 list the year you started high school? (You can find this on Google). Did you like the song?

I started high school in September of 2001, and the top song that year was “All for you” by Janet Jackson, which spent 7 weeks in the top spot. I did like this song! You can watch it here, and you should because I watched it before posting the link!

9. What is your favourite Halloween-themed movie?

Rocky Horror Picture Show!

10. Bobbing for apples is a cliché party game that poses multiple health risks. If you threw a Halloween party, what activities would you provide?

I would never throw a Halloween party. Ugh just the thought of it makes me bleh. But I guess if I HAD to throw a party, there would be finger food, and dancing, and possibly some karaoke but all of that makes me want to crawl into my oodie and hide.


1. Tell me a scary story.

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Paul. And he didn’t give T enough points to win the Captain’s Quiz, and she hunted him down and made him eat nutella and sushi.

2. Put two minutes on the clock. Type as much as you can about anything pumpkin related, before time expires.

OF COURSE JUST AS I PUT MY FITBIT TO CHARGE I NEED A TIMER….. *pulls out phone* and I’m not even going to do spell check since you’re making me do this.

carving pumpins, going to a pupkin patch, scooping out the pumpkin insides, making silly pumpkins for the classroom, smashing pumkpins on the road, pumpkin muffins, pumkpin pies, pumpkin spice latte, roasting pumpkin seeds, painting your face like a pumpkin, wearing a pumkpin cosutme, putting a pumpkin hat on my dog and he hated it hahahahah oh my gosh he haated it so much, drawing pumpkins on my nails that look like spiders, pumpin bread, I hate pumkpin flavored everything ugh gross

3. List all the costumes you’ve ever worn for Halloween.

  1. bag of garbage
  2. tinkerbell
  3. clown
  4. baby
  5. hippo onesie
  6. alien
  7. teenager just wearing her pjs
  8. wings with crazy hair pretending to be a fairy (a few years with this one, all different wings)
  9. I can’t remember any more?

4. Are you a scarecrow or a jack-o’-lantern?

Scarecrow! Keeping away the bad vibes.

So there ya have it folks. Hopefully it’s enough to get my crown back from Bill. Come back on Wednesday to either a post on how amazing I am because I got first place again, or how my friendship with Paul is over because I somehow “didn’t get enough points”. Either way there will be a post on Wednesday!

18 thoughts on “The Captain’s Quiz 4: Under Your Bed

      • Halloween is not an Aussie thing. We’ve never done it here until the last (I’ll say 10 years) when it is becoming slightly more common because shops are commercialising it by bringing in Halloween stuff, but not that many do it. A few families might get together and organise their houses or streets, but most nope.

        Halloween is completely an American thing (and I guess Canadian). Which is funny, because its origins are English and they don’t do it, lol. I don’t think it is common any where else in the world besides you guys.

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  1. Well, this was fun, friendship threats and all. You did a good job! My main comments on your answers will come in the Results post, but I will say here that I’ve never had any of our favourite candy except for Reese Cups which I tried within the past 2 years and did not like.

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