GF Tries the Oodie

I may have been doing some more online shopping…

Okies so I have discovered a thing about me during my time with the Social Worker…

When I was upset, either from him coming over, us pushing all my boundaries by like a mile, and then him disappearing for two days, or from him saying he was working all weekend and then him posting videos of him being out with someone else, I would turn to online shopping.

This is brand new for me. Usually when I’m upset like that, I get a whole bunch of my favourite snacks and then have a weekend of movies and snacks. Like not in a binging way, but more than I usually would. I haven’t bought chips in like 4 weeks but before T would have bought enough to have some all weekend if this had happened before.

Honestly, the snacking is much less expensive! LOL But I have also noticed that since I have my new job, and my pay cheque is much more substantial (because I’m getting my salary only in 10 installments not in 12), I feel much more comfortable indulging myself in things than I had before. Like I just had to buy train tickets to go home for Christmas because the brother is only going for like 2 days with his girlfriend and now I don’t have a ride to go….that was $350…and while I was annoyed, I was able to pay for it no problem from my savings which is substantial now…at my old job I would NEVER have been able to do that. I would have had to skip Christmas or save HARD for a month or two and then have to pay hiked up fees for the holidays.

Anyway, if you read my post about Knotty Knickers, I signed up to that subscription the same weekend that the Social Worker disappeared. Then, the day before I ended things with the Social Worker, when I was considering how much I could really deal with him working so much, I ordered myself two Oodies.

Now I had been seeing ads for these on Instagram and Facebook for a while, and I guess I just needed some emotional trauma to try it out. They are branded as “oversized wearable blankets” and legit that’s what they are.

They ONLY come in size 6XL, but in a TON of adorable patterns, as you can see from the website. During one of my many naps on the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend, I was on Facebook before going to sleep and saw an ad for buy one get one FREE. So I had my nap and woke up and ordered some. I couldn’t find that same deal again, but I still did get an ok deal on them.

A single regular Oodie is $109. That’s a lot. But also, T be rolling in the cash now so she be ok. They have licensed Oodies in Friends, Harry Potter, Rick and Morty, and Looney Toons. They are a little more expensive. But I just wanted a cute one.

So 1 Oodie is $109 but they were on sale for $89 when I was looking. And THEN they have a Twin Pack which is usually $218 but on sale for $158! You save $30 per Oodie and that’s the pack that I got. They also have 4 packs, and 6 packs, and mixed adult and child packs, and weighted blankets, and just sleeping shirts.

I decided on the unicorn and penguin designs. I was reading the reviews and they all seem so positive with lots of pictures. The only thing is that it says NOT to put it into the dryer and it takes a TON of time to dry. So I ordered two and can wash one and still have one to wear! See? Thinking!

I ordered on the Sunday of the long-weekend. And the bill was $158. There were no extra fees, and shipping was free. It came from Quebec, shipped Wednesday and arrived Thursday morning at my house. It was delivered by UPS.

And of course here are some pictures!

I found the packaging a little bit much. It came in one large mailing envelope, and then each Oodie was in a plastic bag of it’s own. Then they each had a mesh bag with a draw string (which I LOVE and am keeping for storage purposes) and then were vacuum sealed inside the grey mesh bag.

They puffed up QUICKLY after opening. And I was able to immediately put them on. I didn’t since I had just gotten home from work and was sweaty and gross but I could have!

When I did try them on, I was in LOVE! They are SO SOFT both inside and out. The wrists have elastic on them so that you can actually push them up and be functional with them while wearing them. I look like a fool with the hood on, but it will be nice to have when I’m home alone and don’t want to wear a wig but still want to be warm. Since I’m a bigger person, they aren’t as baggy as the models on the website BUT they are still plenty big on me!

I haven’t been cold enough to wear them yet in the house aside from trying them on, October has decided to be humid and gross here in Ottawa. But I highly recommend them if you like snuggly things! As of when I am writing this post (October 16th) they still have “Black Friday Sales” on…even though Black Friday is like a month away….But grab the deal while you can!!

Apparently the company started in Australia, but is now operating all over the world. And since I like to do the work for you peeps, here are their international webpages. You are very very welcome.










9 thoughts on “GF Tries the Oodie

  1. Cute. My daughter got something like that from her friend for Xmas last year. When she wears it she looks like Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate factory after she ate the forbidden candy and turned into a blueberry – LOL.

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