GF Tries Knotty Knickers

If you don’t like talking about undies, maybe skip this post.

Alright, so full disclosure, once I started seeing the social worker, things started to heat up very very quickly. And once that happened, I decided I needed some extra cute undies because I wasn’t the only one seeing them anymore. And yes, for most of this blog and my posts about dating, there has been a very heavy “no sex until marriage” stance, which is true, but also it was more like “don’t be a dick and let me take my time and we’ll see how it goes” and that’s with we were doing.


So I kept seeing these ads for this website Knotty Knickers. I was looking for something cute but also something that I could wear and be comfortable in.

The way the system works is that you pick your package from one of their three choices:

  1. Thongs Only
  2. No Thongs
  3. Mix of thongs and no thongs

Now I have never been a thong person. So I chose #2. And then you pick 1 per month, 2, or 3. And then decided if you want them every month or every other month.

One undie per shipment is $3.99, 2 undies are $.699, and 3 undies are $8.99. You can cancel anytime.

Since I wanted to rebuild my undie drawer, I chose 3 undies once a month. Then you select your size and it’s all good. The site says they fit true to size so to pick your regular size. I am usually an 18, so I picked their XL (16/18). After shipping and taxes it came to just under $13.

Then you email your colour and style preferences. I didn’t really know what style some of the names were referring to, but I love a more full coverage undie so I said I’d like cotton ones and either briefs or boyshorts.

My first shipment came about a week later and I was suppppper excited!

This is the part of the post that I’m gonna say if you don’t want to see undies, maybe leave the page.

It came in a very regular envelope, and actually arrived the same day at the calendar set from my post from yesterday.

See? No one would know what was in there.

Once I opened it, I found 3 cute little packages:

I was a little intimidated because I never have undies this WOW! Like full disclosure, they are cotton briefs and from Walmart. Then I opened up the packages and was even more intimidated.

Now that’s all for the pictures but they are SUPER cute! I tried them all on and they all fit. But didn’t wear any until the long weekend. Just incase it was a case of being uncomfortable or riding up in places. You don’t want that at work. ESPECIALLY when you’re working with little kids.

They are all surprisingly comfortable! I like the red ones the best just because they are close to the same coverage I am used to, though. The pink ones, I’m not a fam of the side pieces of fabric…they just get wrapped around the side band…not cool…And the black ones, are a little tight around the waist but nothing uncomfortable.

And while they were a little less “everyday” than I was expecting, I am super excited to get my next shipment. I would totally wear the red ones often. I’m not sure how long I will keep the subscription up, but for now, it’s just a little extra something special that I look forward to each month.

Also, what do you call these? Undies? Panties? Knickers? Underwear? I’m either an undies or panties person but for some reason, people just don’t like the word panties?

Tune in tomorrow for a post on the social worker. Can’t believe it’s a whole week of posts!

19 thoughts on “GF Tries Knotty Knickers

    • HAHA I might have to look into this matching set thing! You are the second to recommend it πŸ˜…πŸ˜… I did buy a super cute lacy and flowy negligee from amazon but the bottom flowy was sewn off center, it was about a foot shorter than expected, it ripped when I tried it on…. so I took the bottom off and kept the top as a lacy bralette and I am IN LOVE with it!

      The social worker update is now posted

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  1. I love wearing sexy panties on the daily. It’s like having a secret, but like you I rarely wear matching sets. But on the subject when I do match the hubby ALWAYS notices, sometimes before I do. πŸ˜… I’d say 90% of my collection are thongs mainly because I despise panty lines.

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  2. They look hugely fancy to me! My undies (note the term) drawer is full of solid colour, now lace, cotton undies in beige, white and blacks. Very boring if what you have pictured is what people wear everyday!!

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