GF Loves Scholastics!

Did you have Scholastics growing up?

I LOVED IT! I still do. But when I was a kid, I loved those monthly flyers that they would send. I loved the once a year book fairs where I could buy a new bookmark or a new book.

As a teacher, I love it even more. My kids get books, I earn a percentage into my bonus bank to use for things for my classroom. It’s perfect!

This year, my principal had a monthly calendar set up in my classroom when I moved in. One of those pocket chart ones? It had a cute September theme and my class and I used it all September. And two weeks ago, I went to get the stuff for October but a different class had already snagged it. I got some other supplies and the principal said she couldn’t find another good set anywhere online.

I kind of took that as a personal challenge. I checked Amazon, and they had an American version but not as cute as I wanted. Then I remembered that scholastics has a classroom resources section and I went there and found the cutest calendar! It has themes and cute things and I ordered it right up! I also had money in my bonus bank to use to purchase it. My principal said she would pay for it, but I said that it was ok cos I’d want to take it with me if I ever left. She said I was never leaving so it was no problem haha! I still used my own payment so I can keep it.

It arrived and it took me and my brother about an hour to take it all apart and then when I was at his place on Thanksgiving weekend, it took me about 4 hours to get it all laminated. And of course I have some pictures for y’all cos it is just TOO CUTE!

I was able to cut out the pieces for October so I can get them back into the pocket chart when I return to work on Tuesday. And then I did November too just incase I’m super lazy for the rest of the month and “forget” to cut them out. I have a bit of time to do the rest of the months. Each month also has a pattern in the daily numbers.

Tune in tomorrow for another post of my all week of posting to see a new subscription service that I have started getting!

7 thoughts on “GF Loves Scholastics!

  1. I loved Scholastic when I was a kid and then when I had my Barbarians in lower school years. Sadly, they don’t get Scholastic anymore 😦 Your classroom pack is sensational!

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