Nail Art: Halloween Scaries

This week was a struggle!

I really didn’t think I would have had the energy to do my nails this weekend. But as it was a long weekend, and I had two naps on Sunday, I was able to do my nails on Monday. Which is nice because I’m going to try to stretch these out for an extra week so doing them two days after I normally would is a good start to that.

I had quite a few ideas for inspiration this week and struggled to pick just one! I asked my EA’s and a very close friend and since she is more forceful in her opinions, it’s her choice that I am using HAHA

Here is the inspiration:

Here is how they turned out:

And here is the video with me making them!

Tune in tomorrow for my newest instalment of “Paint Chip Poetry”!I hope you are enjoying the colours each week!

9 thoughts on “Nail Art: Halloween Scaries

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