Long Weekend Exhaustion

Peeps and Meeps, I have finally crashed.

I mean, it’s happened on a smaller scale a few weeks ago, but this weekend has been epic.

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian readers, and also to all my non-Canadian readers because I’m gonna spread the love.

This year, my family decided to have Thanksgiving in Ottawa. Now if some of you remember, back in May, there was a huge explosion in my family and I basically have not talked to my mom since. She helped me move with my dad, and it was also the first time we had seen each other since August 2020. The pandemic caused us to miss all regular family gatherings. Last year my brother hosted Thanksgiving in his old place that he was renting, but I was in quarantine in my bedroom in Toronto so I missed it.

But also, I really enjoyed not having to do the family holidays for a year. The last thing we celebrated all together was Christmas 2019. So it’s been a long time. And I personally needed that break.

Anyway, so in August when I moved, my mom and I had words after. I told her I needed space and I didn’t know how to fix things with us because the trust and respect was gone for me. And we basically haven’t talked since. A few messages here and there but nothing more than 4 text messages and then end of conversation.

But then Thanksgiving rolled around! The plan was to have dinner at my brother’s house on Saturday. We would all go to church together on Sunday and have lunch at my new place after. And then I decided that was the end of my family time. My brother and his gf would be at her family’s place on Monday.

This week also happened to be an exhausting week at work. On top of working until 9pm every night (10 pm on Friday) on things at home, I was also dealing with a crazy angry mom who is basically at the point where we are all “either trust to program or take your child out of it”. It’s so bad. So when Saturday rolled around, I just had nothing left.

My dad picked me up at 11am and we went to my brother’s house. Where his girlfriend had been since about 9:30 am. She was there ALL FREAKING DAY. I am currently on the “ugh” list with her, check out a post this week detailing that. First family holiday in almost 2 years and I had to deal with her all day. I took some laminating with me (check out post this week) and was able to get it all done but it was all I could do to stay awake and feed the sleeves into the laminator. Like I was so exhausted. Dinner was later than I expected but by 7pm my dad and I were making the 40 minute drive back to my place. But the day was pleasant and it was really nice. Aside from having to be around the girlfriend all day.

I slept over 8 hours and woke up still feeling like death. I skipped church and had an hour nap instead. I got lunch ready and my parents and brother came over, ate, and left right after. They were here for literally less than an hour. Which is what I wanted really. It had been such a good weekend up to that point, so it was good. I took another hour nap and now I am finally feeling almost back to normal.

So overall, Thanksgiving was good! We were able to have a family function where no one argued and it was just a good hanging out time. I still have tomorrow off but that was my pre-planned resting day. I’m going to make popcorn and watch movies all day and possibly do my nails if I have enough energy.

Give Thanks Thanksgiving GIF by Ecard Mint

It appears like this week will be a full week of posts. Tune in tomorrow for a post on my brother’s girlfriend.

12 thoughts on “Long Weekend Exhaustion

    • After telling her that I needed space and that her forcing things was nit helping, I actually didnt mind the not talking. I still sent videos and pics of my class, or life updates but only through email when I sent them to my dad. But I had to come to the conclusion that I’ll never get an actual apology from her because she will never accept what has happened. What actually really sucks is that now she’s just all buddy buddy with my brother’s girlfriend and that annoys me. Mostly because Im not the biggest fan of the girlfriend – theres a post today about that haha


  1. I’m glad you still had a good time. It’s great you were able to get some rest in there too, though, because that would have made a difference. It’s so much harder to cope with anything when you are tired.

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