Sunday Scribblings #73

Aaron’s word of inspiration this week is virus.

It’s kind of funny how today is “virus appreciation day” – like who appreciates a virus?! LOL

But then when you do think about it, a lot of people have been appreciating the corona virus for what happened in the spring of 2020. While, yes, we were all living in a constant state of fear and panic, we also got to have the chance to slow down and just chill.

And I guess I appreciate it too. I was able to miss out on a few major holidays with my family which always brings me so much stress. Being home and not making plans, or not having to justify not having weekend plans was pretty awesome too! And I was able to find a new job and do virtual interviews because that’s all that was allowed! So much easier than trying to book time off work to do them in person.

But that’s not appreciating the virus, it’s appreciating the fall out from the virus. I don’t appreciate the actual virus. And I certainly do not appreciate still needing to wear a mask to teach. Try teaching phonics and asking on the first lesson “ok friends, say mmmmmmmm, how does your mouth feel when you say mmmmm” without being able to show my new friends how to form their mouths to make the mmmmmm sound? Or with F or P. Or the difference between D and B? I honestly just pull my mask down for 3.5 seconds to show them. I’m totally fine with that. Or having to do COVID symptom checks with parents every morning. Or take temperatures of kids every morning. Not appreciating any of those things!

So yeah, guess there really isn’t too much to say though…Can we have a “virus ends appreciation day”? I’d be down for that.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #73

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  2. You could take photos of yourself making the phonics sound (or videos) to show them – then you don’t have to drop your mask and can spend time on the sounds. And I think everyone wants this virus to end, and by end (because I don’t think it is going anywhere), it becomes more like the flu… we get a jab every year and for most of us we don’t get it, but if we do, it impacts us mildly and life is normal (as in, normal normal).

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    • I cant show the video though? Dropping my mask for less than 5 seconds while Im at the board and the kids are all masked and sitting at their desks is fine haha

      And yes I think the same about the virus!! Our flu season is just about to start which means another shot haha


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