Sunday Scribblings #72

Aaron’s word of inspiration this week is apple.

I have a confession to make: I do not like apples.

I LOVE apple crisp though. It’s so yummy and I will make it so much. But to just eat an apple, no thank you. Apple pie? Keep passing it along unless it’s the only dessert at the table and then I will take a small piece.

But sometimes, for some unknown reason to myself, I crave apples. And it’s not a Lorelai thing from Gilmore Girls who only craves apples when she’s pregnant. I promise. But it is this very strange thing. And if I am craving apples, I only want golden delicious ones. And ONLY the yellow ones. And they best be soft flesh or I will take one bite and then throw the whole apple out.

Last year I was seriously craving apples, but like not a golden delicious apple, a regular like empire or something. And I bought an entire bag of them a the grocery store! AN ENTIRE BAG!! So the first day for lunch, I cut one up and took it to my room, because of course we were working from home. I’m in the middle of a video lunch date with two of my co-workers and I took one bite, made a disgusting face, and legit spit it out. Like a toddler. And then proceeded to make apple crisp with the rest of the bag because there was no way that I was eating any more of those gross apples.

One of my students had an apple yesterday in his lunch. Now he is 6 years old, but is the size of a 3 year old. Eating time was done so I was reminding him to clean up and he says he’s not done, just a few more bites. And I said ok, go ahead. And I look at how much is left and I’m like “Wow that apple is huge! It’s bigger than you are!” and he says “yeah it’s bigger than me!” and then took two more bites before joining us at the carpet haha. If we are being honest, this student is my favourite. He’s the sweetest.

I asked all my students on Thursday since we were reading a book about apples (cos it’s fall now) and they all said that they like the red apples the best. And most like to eat them either just whole or cut up in slices haha.

How about you? Do you like apples? What kind of apples do you like?

9 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #72

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  2. They’re not my favorite raw nor in dessert, but I will eat both. Every now and then, especially around this time of year I get a pretty intense hankerin’ for a caramel apple, so I’ll usually just get them premade from the store or get a few apples and some caramel dip instead. My husband is actually slightly allergic to raw apples, but cooked apples are fine; so weird!

    When I was first hired in my current position my boss retired 4 months later and one of my first tasks was to plan her retirement party. She wanted an apple themed party… like what? How do I throw an apple themed party!? I ended up putting together a bunch of apple pun artwork and hung them around the room. Some of my favorites are:

    – Retire now before you become a Granny Smith, or worse… A Crabapple!
    – You’ve planted your seeds of knowledge. Hopefully these apples haven’t fallen far from your tree.
    – Now that you’re retired you should plan a trip to Fiji or the Big Apple, or maybe visit a local Gala.

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