Swim Suits and the GF

Alright folks, it’s about to get a little bit real up in here.

So I have not owned a bathing suit for about 10 years. The last suit I owned and wore, as the summer after I returned from South Korea and it was all stretched out and not good. And I just didn’t buy a new one because the summer was over and I didn’t need it right away.

Then I started to wear my wig. Now my wig is not glued on my head. It will come off easily. So I don’t go swimming. It’s not a big deal really, I have never been a beach person. I always end up nursing a burn for at least a week after, it doesn’t matter how careful I am with sunscreen and seeking shade. Pool swimming is ok, but also like meh.

As you can imagine it was a huge surprise then when I learned that my new school has a once a week swim hour at the pool a two minute walk from our front door. Which is honestly pretty great! I asked if teachers had to go into the pool as well, and was told that my EA’s will be in the pool with their students but will be focused on them and teachers are required to go, but not forced to go into the pool.

I am very open and honest about my wig now that I am used to it, so I just explained that I wouldn’t be able to go in the water with it. But then my principal said that my class will be confined to the shallow end anyway. It doesn’t matter how well the students can swim, they will be in the shallow end. Which will come up to about my hip. So that is totally fine!

I went home and immediately went about searching for a suit. I didn’t want to spend too much money but since it was the end of the season, I was able to score a pretty great deal!

I ordered a suit from Walmart’s website. IT was sold through a 3rd party online person and was coming from China. It was supposed to arrive on September 22nd BUT it arrived this past Sunday, the 12th. Which was AMAZING! We haven’t been given a time yet for the weekly swim, and we aren’t really sure if we will even get one with the Covid going into the fourth wave, but at least I am ready for it when we are given the information!

The suit itself is super cute. I HATE one pieces so I got a tankini. I’m not a bikini bottoms type of person, and would prefer a skirt or shorts for the bottoms. I got shorts. I ordered an XL but the company sent a 2XL and I am glad they did! The 2XL fits so well and I LOVE IT!!!! It’s sooooo cute!!!! Here are pictures so you can see how cute it is as well.

Some of you may say that it doesn’t look like a swim suit, and you’re right. It does cover up a lot, but I needed it to. I am going to a pool run by part of the Jewish community in Ottawa, and I am going in the capacity of a teacher with small students. Although I am kind of shocked because I have to cover my hippo tattoo on my arm, but as you can see from the picture, you can see my shoulder tattoo. 5 of my 6 tattoos will be visible while wearing it. And I made sure that the 6th is completely hidden from view with the shirt.

So yeah. That is the story of how I got my first swim suit in 10 years. haha

Happy weekend people!

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