Nail Art: Autumnal Abstract

This week we switched gears from school themed into some lovely fall designs.

My inspiration for this week was this very lovely picture:

But I didn’t exactly like the colours so a friend of mine picked out some better ones. These colours are really pretty together, but I just wasn’t feeling it.

So I ended up with a nice deep green and an orange. Perfect for September and the seasonal change happening next week.

I tried to outline the accent nails with spider gel but I have never used it before and it just wasn’t working how I wanted it to so there was no outline.

I love how this design turned out! So amazing!

And as always, I made a video for my Instagram! I am loving this “speed control” feature on my new video app which allows me to speed up the video so I was able to add in more of the decorating parts. I might even try to do a video with the whole process of drilling and filing and building and designing. But that’s a LOT of video. Here is my 1 minute 45 second video from yesterday!

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