Sunday Scribblings #69

Aaron’s word of inspiration this week is late.

I hate being late. Like really HATE it! So much so that I actually get anxiety over being late. I would rather be an hour early and then have to fill that time than be 5 minutes late.

Thankfully, since I am a transit user currently, I can plan my day around not being late. Google Maps has a great transit feature, so I just type in the address where I want to go, and I can set either departure or arrival times, and then it shows me how to get there before my arrival time.

In Toronto, this was great. Once I left my house, it would also show me where my bus was on the map. But not in Ottawa. While talking to a guy on my dating app, I learned he was a transit driver and he gave me a website and an app to use to work out my routes for things, but honestly the best has been Google. I do have one app where it will tell you when the bus is coming but you have to know the stop number and sometimes it has GPS and sometimes it doesn’t. So using a combination of Google Maps, and the Ottawa Transit app, I’ve been doing ok.

The one thing that I hate more than being late myself, is when others are late. And the thing about Ottawa busses is that they are almost ALWAYS LATE. But since my bus going to work gets me there super early, having a bus arrive 5 minutes late isn’t too big of a deal. Going home though, UGH! It takes about 8 minutes to walk from work to the bus stop. I’m allowed to leave work at 3:45 and the bus comes at 4:04, so it’s like perfect. I don’t have to rush and I still get home by 4:30. YAY! Except the bus never comes at 4:04! It’s usually 4:10…which sucks. I still get home before 4:30 but like come on. Just arrive on time! PLEASE!

When I was a nanny, the main family I worked for during those three years, was late for EVERYTHING. I was never allowed to be late, but they were late for everything. Time didn’t exist for them and it was honestly one of the worst things about my job. If I’m working from 3pm-9pm and the mom was out doing “important things” aka getting her nails done at 8pm at night, and 9pm rolls around, no mom. No text or call. Sure I got paid by the hour so if I stay late, I got paid more, but also, I wanted to go home. If she had sent a text telling me she was going to be late then that would have been different. No worries! But no text. Sometimes after 9:30 I’d get a “sorry I’m running a little late, either myself or my husband will be home soon” text.

This one time, I was working until 3pm on a Saturday. two of the kids had a birthday party to go to, and I had to take them on the bus. As we were going, I got a text asking if it was ok to stay with the kids since one didn’t know anyone but she had to go with her little sister as no one was home to watch her. I said ok, no problem. The mom said she’d meet us at the location when the party was over. So we get there around 2ish, and around 5ish the party was breaking up. Another text, oh I can’t make it, please bring them home. By the time we got home, there were still no adults at the house and I had to stay even longer!! I ended up staying until 7pm when the mom/dad/son came home all together because they were all just hanging out at the dad’s work up the street. I had plans that night that I had to cancel because I couldn’t just leave the kids.

When I first met J, we had plans for coffee and I got a text before I had to leave my place saying he’d be 30 minutes late. Awesome, no worries. Then I got to the Starbucks we were meeting at and again another text, he was sorry but he had to go all the way to the airport and he was gonna be more late. Was I a little upset? Sure. Did he make sure to check in and let me know he was running late? Yes. Did he apologize like 5 times after he arrived for making me wait? Yes lol. So it’s all good.

People who have no respect for time are the people that I don’t need in my life. If you’re going to be late, then let me know and take steps to fix it. And if it’s going to be an every time thing, I’m sorry but I might just not have space in my life for that constant aggravation.

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