Nail Art: Back To School

The title says it all!

Tomorrow I start my new job at my new school so of course I had to have amazing nails for it!

I did almost the same design as last year, except I added a little more to it.

This was my inspiration:

If you remember last year, I did a grey set with an apple on one finger and a black board/chalk on another. But this year, I figured why not go a little crazy?

Since I have my new phone, I also have to use a new video editor. I am using “Inshot” and honestly so far I love it! This is the first video I have made and edited on it so I’m still getting the hang of it, but the best thing is that I can speed up the video!! I think I might start just filming EVERYTHING I do and using this speed adjustment to make it faster and better! The only thing is that when I uploaded it to Instagram, it did cut off my @tattooedgingernails tag that I put on it, but I only had to type it once and then it applied to the entire video! How cool is that?!

In the end I am so super happy with the nails and the video. Not too much to say other than that! So here is my final product:

The black nail is a matte finish, but I had just oiled my nails so it looks shiny just like the rest of them. But once the oil was gone, it went back into matte and looking like a proper chalk board.

And for those who are interested, here is the video on how I did it. Next time, I will speed up the video even faster to be able to fit more in haha

Next time we are going abstract!

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