Sunday Scribblings #68

Aaron’s word of inspiration this week is bat.

I’m sure this comes as no surprise to anyone, but I am not a big fan of bats. When I nannying the toddler, his favourite place at the zoo was the bat cave and it was ok because it was cool and dark and out of the hot summer sun, and he would just stare at the bats. But, out in the wild, seeing them free, no thanks.

When I was in university, I moved into student housing for my last semester (I was there from January-August) and it was a really nice house with 4 other people (3 girls and 1 boy). When I moved in there were only 3 others, but eventually that last bedroom was filled.

Anyway, one summer evening, it was just me and that last bedroom girl in the house. She was the second last bedroom girl to live there and no one really liked her. She used all the wifi (back when you had limits) and smoked weed and left piles of dishes everywhere and let her cat deficate anywhere he wanted to – aka my basket of clean laundry at 6am when I accidentally left my door open while getting ready for work and/or classes. When we all moved out at the end of the summer, behind the couch and tv stand were a nasty nasty surprise.

So as I was saying, this one night, it was just us. The guy had gone home to Montreal for the weekend, the other girls were out. All of a sudden I am woken up by some loud swearing and trying to be hushed screams and some banging around. I come out of my bedroom to see her running around with a towel on her head – we had a bat.

We worked together for about 20-30 minutes screaming and trying to hit it with brooms until we finally got it out of the house. We were just one block in from the main road which had lots of bars and clubs, and there were a lot of student occupied houses on the street so the neighbours must have thought nothing of the noise, because no one came to check on us. BUT we got the bat out!

And hopefully that is the end of my bat stories.

Have you ever had an encounter with a bat? Let me know in the comments below! Or write your own post and tag Aaron so he can include you in his post listing all those who participated!

5 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #68

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  2. I love bats 🙂 When I was doing wildlife caring (so looking after injured and orphaned native animals) I had a baby red flying fox. We were in drought and the mums would drop their babies while flying with the idea they babies would die quickly, because the drought conditions meant there wasn’t enough food. This little guy didn’t die, so I cared for him (although he didn’t pull through in the end). My favourite are microbats though. I’m not sure why you would be panicked by a bat in the house. They won’t hurt you or go near you if they can help it.

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  3. I was with a friend walking a nature trail in the middle of the woods and I was wearing a crossbody bag and randomly felt tugging on the strap on my back. I turned and asked my friend if she had touched my bag and she said no, so I asked her to check out my back and it was a baby bat clinging to my purse strap on my back! I wasn’t freaked, but I definitely didn’t want it on me since they can carry rabies, so I wiggled a bit and my friend shewed it with her sweater she was holding and it flew away.

    Also when I was little my dad taught my brother and me that if we threw tiny rocks in the air next to a light post at dusk bats will swoop by thinking their bugs. 🙂

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