COVID Era Customer Service

An Open Letter to Koodo

To the Decision Makers at Koodo,

I hope that you know that I rarely do this, call out a company on such a public platform, however you have left me literally no other alternative.

Over the last five days, I have had to call your customer service line twice. Both times, the agents that I talked to were the most helpful and kind people I think I have dealt with in months when I have had to call a company’s customer service. This letter is not about them.

This letter is about the steps that it takes to just get to a human.

I understand that you have had to make some drastic changes to have your employees work from home, as have every other single company in the entire world. What I don’t understand is how you can have such a horrible system still in place a year and a half into this pandemic.

What I have experienced over the two phone calls to your customer service was nothing short of frustration and annoyance. And then I had to set those emotions aside to have my questions answered by your team because it definitely wasn’t their actions that caused the problem, it was yours.

First of all – when calling your customer service line, it hangs up on the customer. Always. There is an automated voice that speaks rather quickly saying you will get a text message and then it says goodbye and hangs up. I had to call three times before realizing that this was happening. You give barely any warning and your customer is abruptly hung up on. How is this good customer service?

You’d think that the text message would get you to an actual person. Well, no, you’d be wrong about that too. It has a link to click to open a chat. Now for most people this would be ok. For me, as someone who had her phone number hacked two years ago by having one of these “Koodo text messages” clicking a link takes me right back to that moment where my phone had service one second and then none the next. But since I have now understood what the phone robot was telling me, I take faith that this is in fact an actual Koodo link and click it.

Ok, now you’d think that I would be getting a real person, or be in a queue to talk to a real person. And again, you are wrong. Now I am talking to a virtual assistant, which we all know is a horrible thing who is never able to offer any real assistance. I type “speak to an agent” it offers me choices to check my bill. I have to sign in again, I type “speak to an agent” three times before even being offered the choice of scheduling a call back. Which the earliest time is 45 minutes away.

I wait. My callback comes. I answer, and again it’s not a real person. I have to select 1 to get put on hold and wait for an actual person.

Koodo, I am wondering something, why are you making your customers jump through hoops just to speak to a person? And that is just when the system works properly. Which it did on my first call five days ago.

My second call two days ago? When my callback came, I went to select 1 to connect and it didn’t register. The robot voice told me “I’m sorry please select 1 to connect” I pushed it again. It hung up on me because it never registered a response, and called back 5 minutes later. And the same thing happened. I restarted my phone, cleaned the screen, washed my hands to get any lotion off of them. Anything to get this call to accept my pushing number 1. All three call backs came, each with 3 chances to push number 1 to connect, and the same thing happened. I never got to speak to a human.

So this is where I go to your website. If I can’t talk to a human, I will try to email a human. Now, Koodo, you know where this is headed, and why this letter is on my blog instead of in your inbox right now. It’s for the simple fact that you do not have an email that your customers can access.

Can you imagine? What if my phone was lost, stolen or broken, or my number was hacked and I no longer had service? And the only way you can contract an actual human at the company that provides said phone is through email? Only to find that there is no email?

I had to go through the entire process of getting a callback again, and thankfully it worked and the agent I spoke to was once again amazing.

Koodo – you’re failing your customers.

In an age of so many technological advances, you’d think that a tech company such as yourself would have a better system for customers to get a hold of an actual human who could help them. It’s not only a anger provoking system just to get to a human, but I can’t imagine the attitudes from frustrated customers when they reach one of your customer service agents. You’re failing your customers, and setting your workers up for stressful and possibly hostile customers who already had some issue that forced them to call in the first place, only to be stuck in this 30-60 minute circus trying to speak to a fellow person. It’s unacceptable, Koodo.


A person who wishes this was an email.

13 thoughts on “COVID Era Customer Service

  1. So no Kudos to Koodo? We have Verizon and have had for about 26 years. I love their customer service and don’t usually have any problems. Does Koodo’s website have a live-chat feature? I have used Verizon’s live chat many times. Hope your phone troubles are gone!

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    • 😂😂 exactly!!

      And like I totally understand the need for certain things. I know how to check my bill and usage and a that on the site or in their pre-hangup automated menu. I know that if I speak to an actual human for these things my account will be charged. Some people don’t know this. So I totally get the usefulness of it all. But also, there needs to be an easier way to get to humans. Even during a pandemic. I had some words with a rep yesterday because I tagged them on Twitter but they seemed a little oblivious to the point I was trying to make and kept trying to get access to my account to figure out the issues I was having….but they said they passed the complaint along to management….


      • When we last switched phone providers for our home phone it took 4 months of frustration like you’ve talked about before I reported them to the telecommunication ombudsman… resolved in a week! Good luck!!!

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        • Oh my goodness 4 months?! That’s insane!!! I’m glad you reported them and it was resolved but dang!

          My new phone was purchased at a different retailer but its unlocked and used the same size sim card so I was all good. Bur Koodo doesn’t offer 5G yet and its a 5G phone. So I was considering changing companies when I changed my number to an Ottawa one, but there is no need to change my number. This experience made me want to switch companies though

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  2. I would like to say, thank you for this open letter. I have many frustrations in my day-to-day life and you offer me consolation. You make me feel better, basically. What’s unacceptable is just unacceptable. Nobody should be trying to persuade me that it is acceptable.

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